Wrapper Link

Do you know how to add wrapper link to any individual or group elements? Many of us don’t use wrapper links but it’s a great way to link any section to your post or page. A quick read-through of this content will help you to learn how to add wrapper link; individually or in group elements.

How to Add Wrapper Link?

Step 1: Add a New Section

Click on the “+” icon and add a new section. There you will see 12 different structures. From them select any section and a new column will be added.

Step 2: Add any elements in your section or Column

Now navigate to elements and add any or a few elements that is required. The wrapper link will be applied for the entire column or section. 

Step 3: Add Wrapper Link

Now you’ll get the edit section. If you want you can add the wrapper link first and then edit the section. Again, if you want you can first edit a section and then add the wrapper link.

Here I am adding the wrapper link first. In the edit section, the last option is “Wrapper Link“. Click on the section and add the link you want to add.

From the link option, you can open it in a new window, Add Nofollow, or add custom attributes.

wrapper link in elementor section

You can add wrapper link to any individual Elements by following the same step like section or column. I hope you got a proper idea on wrapper link, after watching the video and checking the docs. If you still face any problem, feel free to get in touch with us.