Navigation Menu + Mega Menu

Nav menu is an Element for Elementor by Master Addons. Perhaps Mega Menu is an extension that you can enable or disable from the master addons element library. Nav menu element will help you to add any menu on your webpage. Make sure to arrange a proper menu from Appreance>Menu and then add anywhere like header, or footer.

How to create a Mega menu in Elementor page builder?

Navigate the appreance>menu, create a new menu. There is a toggle option to enable the mega menu. Make sure to enable the toggle to work with mega menu.

Master Addons plugin has a built in “Ma Navigation Menu” element.  Check all step by step videos and be expert on Navigation menu. 

You can add sticky menu, hamburger menu, Off canvas menu, within the single element. 

How to add nav menu in Elementor landing page? 

How to create a sticky navbar in Elementor page builder?

Sticky navbar is a most wanted feature. You enable sticky navbar from our “Ma Navigation menu” element. Make sure to set a section CSS ID and then copy paste that ID to sticky navbar option. Watch the following video to understand in details.