How To Create and Customize Progressbar In Elementor

Did you know how to create and customize progressbar in Elementor using the Master Addons? Progressbars help you to organize and visualize different progression in particular fields with specific styling options and layouts. Besides, with it, it’s easy to showcase any statistical information and skills of you in a unique and eye-catching manner.

However, now let’s learn how to add a progress bar and customize it uniquely.

Elementor Progressbar

Step 1: Add Progressbar

From the Master Addons widget, you’ll find “Progressbar”.  Just drag this Elements inside your Elementor Page Editor. Now you’ll notice a single progress bar at in your Elementor editor.

Master Addons progressbar for elementor

Step 2: Add Title and Value

Determine the title of the Progress Bar. For example, if you’ve got a project on graphics editing you can name it Photoshop. Now keep the value at 60-70.

Elementor Progressbar element

Step 3: Set up the Style

Now click on the style menu and the general style menu will appear. Here at the style presets there are 4 styles available; line, line bubble, circle, fan. Choose any of the styles and then you’ll get another option to select a color.

However, suppose you are selecting a bubble style preset. Then you will have more options on the center top of the bubble. For making another style you can add a new column.

Progressbar Style presets

Step 4: Style Title, Front Bar, Back Bar

Now you can choose the title typography with custom color. And then choose the front bar color and back bar color. Moreover, there are options to change value and typography.

Master Addons Progressbar Style

Master Addons Progressbars Element

Step 1: Add Progressbars

Progressbars are the group of progress bars. Just like the previous one, drag the progressbars and add them.

Progressbars group for elementor

Step 2: Determine the ProgressBars

Now add different titles for different progressbar. You can change the colors as well.

Progressbars input

Step 3: Select the Style

At the style menu, there are also different functions available such as stats bar background color, spacing, height, radius, etc.

Progressbars Style

Finally, you can also change the title. There you can customize the style and colors of different progressbar by clicking the title of any progressbar.