How to Add Gradient Headline in Elementor?

Gradient Headline in Elementor page editor can enhance the page structure. If you like to put some colorful title inside your webapge, then Gradient Headline element will help you.


You will see “Gradient Headline” element like other elements in the elementor page editor sidebar. You need to drag this element inside your page and you will see the default look. By default you will see color option. 

Let’s take a look at the content option of this element. Here you have to write your heading content. Then you will see Heading URL (If necessary you can insert URL) option. After that there is alignment and Title HTML Tag. Select the tag and align properly on your needs. 

Gradient Headline for elementor content option
Gradient Headline for elementor Style

I notified you that the default version will be color. Besides color you can see the Gradient option like the screenshot. Then select two best color for your title gradient. Both linear and radial gradient version available here. Change the angle from linear version and gradient position from radial version. Arrange the color locations properly for better result. At the bottom there is typography and text shadow. Change your font typo and add text shadow from the option.

If you like to watch a short video instead of reading the text properly, then here is a video for you. Just watch the 2 minutes video and you will realize how to work with this Gradient Headline. 

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