Animated Headline Elementor Page Builder

Animated Headline Elementor builder’s premium feature. We have developed a Animated Headlines element in Master Addons Plugin. There are total 10 animated headline effect. Within the free version you will get 4 highlight headline effect. 

Here are two demo of headline animation. There is two part of this element. First heading and Second heading are the section. Customize Font color, Typography, Background color from the section style option panel. 

Add Animated Headline Elementor Page Builder

If you have installed Master Addons in your WordPress website then you are ready to add animated headline. If you don’t have then I recommend you to install and active the plugin in your Website first. It will be easy for you to follow the next steps. 

Instead of reading you can watch the following video to see how to work with Animated Headline. Scroll down and check some screenshot of Animated Headline option. 

After the plugin Activation, edit or create a new page then edit the page using Elementor. Scroll down at the bottom of your elementor element section. You will see “Animated Headlines” element. Just drag this element inside your page and let’s move two the sext step.

Animated Headline Elements

After adding the Element within you page you will see the default content part. There are three options. First one is “First Heading” second options are “Second Heading” then “HTML Tag” selector and “Alignment”

First Heading: Write your first heading text within this box. It will not animate in your page. It will be stay still as always. 

Second Heading: This is the fun part of highlight headings. You can add as much word as you want within this option. Just click on add item option and go on.

HTML Tag: We believe that you don’t need always H2 tag within your heading. You may need H1 or H3 or P or Div tag too. That’s why we have added this selector. 

Alignment: Define your Animated Headlines alignment into left, center or right with this option. 

Elementor Animated Headline Effects

Master Addons comes with 10 different type of Animated Headline Effects. First 3 is for different type of Rotation effect, then Typing, Loading Bar, Slide, Clip, Zoom, Scale, and Push. You can customize the animation duration from the settings panel too.

Animation Duration

Select animation duration for your animated headline. You can define your specific animation delay with this option panel. 

Animated Headline Animation settings
Animated Headline Style Settings

This is the final step to be master at Animated Headline. You can select your desired style preset out of our 10 different style. 

There is separate option for First and Second heading text color, background and typography. Select the perfect font from Google font library using the typo option. 

That’s all about Master Addons Animated Headline. If you face any problem then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us using our forum or Facebook Community