Elementor Accordion Widget

We have developed Elementor Accordion Widget which has multiple variations. Arrange nested, Video, image accordion using our Accordion Widget. You can define wordpress elementor accordion default closed or open from options panel. 

Accordion Web Content is a highly demanded feature for mobile visitors. They have control over their content path. People can decide whether to expand or defer it for later. It gives the reader the choice of what to read and what to ignore.

Our Advanced Accordion has 10 default Style Preset. There is a possibility to customize everything like background, font (size, color, transform), border, gradient, etc.

If you haven’t checked our Accordion Demo then go for it. You can see multi color accordion and Nested Accordion too. 

Advanced Accordion Video

Nested Accordion For Elementor

Accordion Content 

The content tab has two different option one settings and another is Accordions.

Settings Panel

From settings you able to change Accordion Type, Title HTML Tag, Toggle Icon and Toggle speed.

Advanced Accordion Content

Accordions Panel

From the Accordions option, you able to add content, enable or disable icon, background color, content type.

Advanced Accordion Content

Advanced Accordion Style Option

Beside the content Tab you will see style tab. Just make a single click on “Style” tab and you are ready to customize your accordion now.

General Styles: 

This option allow you to select our pre built Style preset


Define space, Border, Box shadow for the accordion items. It will be applied for all accordion automatically.


Title has three stage, Normal, Hover, and Active. These 3 stage has similar option panel. Just make sure what you are doing on which stage. For example if you work on hover then it will be applied when someone navigate mouse to the title. Change icon size, Spacing, Typo, color from this panel.


Change your description background color, text color, Padding, font from this option panel.

Toggle Icon: 

Set toogle icon Normal color and active color.  Also you can define the exact size from this option too. 

I hope this explanation is enough for you to work with Advanced Accordion element by Master Addons Plugin.