Adding Team Members in Elementor Page Builder

Showcasing Team Members in your homepage, Team page or About page is always great. People likes to see behind the faces before purchasing any service. Master Addon will help you to add Team Member in your Elementor Page editor. 

Revel faces to your visitors or customer is not only gaining their trust but it will help your customer to identify you when they visit you personally.

Before moving in depth guide let’s take a quick look on how actually Team Member section looks like. 

Our Team

Why don't you check who is really behind the service which you are going to purchase? Check our team and we wish to meet you soon at our office.

beautiful beauty eyewear 2856732

Helen Stephens

Content Writer

Miss Helen will take care your Website content. She is experienced in writing.

attractive face fine looking 2834009

Harold Guerrero


Don’t worry about your marketing strategy. I am going to set up it.

adult attractive blur 2446655

Amy Hall


I manage each and every service and try to satisfy our clients with our effort.

Don’t forget to check more Team Member demos. Just click on the button and see multiple variation of Team Member demos.

Adding Team Member in Elementor Page Builder

Let’s move on step by step guide on how to work with Team Member.

After dragging the “MA Team Member” element in your elementor editor you will see the content area by default. There are two option. First one is content and second one is Social Profile. 


In this content area you can you have to upload the profile Image, Name, Designation, and Description. 

Social Profiles

Add your social media profile icon and links so that people can visit your social page or account.

Team Member Content Area

Team Member Style Options

Style Team Member

First of all you will see the  “General Styles” option. From this panel you can change your Design variations, Background Color and Content alignment. 

Style Name 

Choose the perfect typography and color of your name area. 

Designation Style

It has same option like Name. You are free to choose any typo and color for your designation. 

Description Style

Customize your team description font and font style or color from this area. 


Social is the last style option. Change your social background color and hover color from this option.