How to add Creative Buttons

We have developed Creative Elementor Button style in Master Addons. Master Addons is a freemium Elementor addons plugin. 


Plain text link is the oldest way to convert visitors in your leads. But time changes and now button used to do this. The button looks more professional and attractive than plain text. It attracts your visitors and the click ratio grows up.

There is a total of 21 Button Effects within “Creative Button” element. You are free to change the button effect anytime.


Before jumping into the docs, you can also enjoy the video guideline too. 

Add Creative Elementor Button Element

If you have installed and configured Master Addons for Elementor plugin, then you can access the “Creative Button” element by Master Addons. Just search for the element and drag it inside your elementor editor. You will see something like the following screenshot as a default button.

creative elementor button element

Creative Elementor Button Customization

The first option is style preset. It stands for button effect and alignment. The second option is Button controls. Here you can customize your button text for both normal and hover. Then icon, Icon position and icon spacing. That’s all about the content area for the button element by Master Addons.

Creative Elementor Button effects and controls

Elementor Button Hover Animation

If you have noticed the first option called button effects, it’s the button hover animation option. Click on the button effects option and select the suitable hover effects from the dropdown list.

Creative Elementor Button hover animation

Modify Elementor Button style

Besides the content tab, you can see the style tab. Here you can define your button width, border, border-radius, margin, padding, typography, Normal and hover states, etc. 

Creative elementor button styles

I hope you got a clear idea of how to edit and customize creative elementor button elements and button hover animation. If you still have any questions regarding this element, contact us and we will assist you.