How to add Creative Buttons

We have developed Creative Cool Button style in Master Addons, a page builder elements collection for Elementor.

Plain text link is the oldest way to convert visitors in your leads. But time changes and now button used to do this. The button looks more professional and attractive than plain text. It attracts your visitors and the click ratio grows up.

There is a total of 21 Button Effects within “Creative Button” element. You are free to change the button effect anytime. 


After dragging Button element into your Elementor Page builder you will see “Button Controls” option. Type Button Text, Alternative Button Text, and Link. Also, you can select a suitable icon, icon position, and icon spacing. 


Creative Cool Button Controls

After arranging your “Button Controls” let’s move to the “Style” tab. 


You can define button effects, alignment, Width, Typography, and Padding. Select the Normal and Hover text color, Background color, Border, and Box Shadow too. Enjoy the following gif animation.


Creative Cool Button Effects and Style