Infobox Element

Elementor Info box element will help you to showcase important information, services etc in a nice way. Make sure you have installed and activated Master Addons plugin on your website. Download it for free from the following link or check info box demo.

How to add Info Box In Elementor


You will see Infobox Element. Just drag that element in your page editor.


You will see icon infobox by default. If you want to use image instead of icon then select the image option. You can select none too, if you select none then there will be no icon or image.


Inside the default infobox, you have to select icon, type title, description & URL if necessary.

infobox content option

Navigate to the Style tab. Within the style tab, you will get everything to customize your infobox style, color, typography, margin, padding, Border Radius, Hover animation, etc.


There are General Style, Icon Style, Title, Description. First, let’s take a look at the General Style.


General Style: Choose Design Variations, Border, Border Radius, Margin, Padding, Background, Hover animation here.

infobox general style

Icon Style: You can define icon color and icon background color here. Set a different color for hover style to get a more attractive look.

infobox icon style

Title Style: Change your title typography, and color from this option.

infobox title style

Description Style: Same options goes here like Title. Customize your typo and color for description.

infobox description style


This is how you can add infobox in your website. Let us know if you face any problem. We will try our best t assist you.