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Creating a custom dynamic header in elementor for the entire website is easier then you think. I will show you how to use universal header with elementor page builder plugin.

You can select some specific page, archive page for different header styles too. First, make sure that you have installed Master Addons plugin in your Website. Just login to your Website Dashboard, navigate to Plugins>Add new. Search for Master Addons, then install it and activate it.

You can watch the following video if you don’t like to get step by step text content –

Now you are ready to work with the following steps.

Step 1: Hover on “Master Addons” option in left sidebar then click on “MA Templates”.

MA Templates by Master Addons

Step 2: Click on Add New. Insert Template Title, Type, Display Conditions, & Enable Settings then save it. But if you want to design the header without applying to your website, then keep the settings disable.

Creating Header Template

Step 3: Now you will see the template in your “MA Template” list. Click on Edit and then edit with Elementor.

Edit Header Template

Step 4: It’s your time to design your desired header with Elementor. Just design your header as you design other pages or post with Elementor. If you are out of time and want a ready-made header for your website, just import it from our library.

Import Header from MA library

Import Heder from Master Addons template library?

Click on Master Addons Template Importer Icon. Then navigate to the headers section. You will see 20+ pre-built header for your website. Preview any header and select the best one for your project. Then just click import.

Pre built header template

That’s it. Now you have to customize the logo, nav menu, & other contents.

How to add dynamic header for specific page or post

All setup will be same, you just need to work with the “Display Conditions“.

Select “Singular” from “Display Conditions“.

Singular Display Conditions

Then select in which singular page or post you want to insert that header automatically.

All Singulars for display conditions

If you select “Selective Singular” then you need to select specific page or post. This option is suitable for those people who likes to create different type of landing page in a website with a different header.

select page or post for selective singular option

How to customize archive page header in Elementor?

I think you have noticed that there is an option in “Display Conditions” named “Archive“. Just select it & this header will be visible on all archive page.

Archive for display conditions

That’s all about Header configuration. Feel free to get in touch via our Contact Form┬áif need any assistance.

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