How to add Creative Links?

Adding creative links using Master Addons is no big hassle. Plus, if you are a fancy guy it is even more advantageous because there are a countless number of features to modify the link. However, it’s not at all possible to show or explain. But here I am showing the basics of creative links. Following this guide, you will be able to customize it like your way.

Add Creative Links in Elementor

Step 1: Drag the Creative Links

First, go to the Master Addons elements list and from there you’ll find “Creative link“. Drag the widget and drop it to the page editor. Now you’ll see “CLICK ME” text in your page editor. It’s the default content by Creative Link Element. Now from the Content, link, style you have to customize everything.

creative links for elementor

Step 2: Set the Title

Now you have to add the title according to the link. Suppose it is a Financial link then you can set the title name to “Finance.”

Just below the title, you’ll get another box “Alternative Link Text” If you want any then you can set it though it’s not always necessary.

Set link text here

Step 3: Set a Matching Icon

To display the title more attractively there is an option to set an icon. Here from the icon menu, you can select a relatable icon. Suppose for Finance you can set the Money icon.

Fortunately, there are options to set the position of the icon whether it’s before or after. Moreover, you can set the icon spacing. For example, here I am setting the spacing to 5.

set icon for creative link

Step 4: Customize the Effect

Now navigate to the Style Menu and you’ll find a bunch of options to customize. First set the link effect. That means when the pointer is placed on the link button, which effect will be shown.

creative links effects

Step 5: Set the Alignment and Change Color

Now, where do you want to show the link text? Set it from left, right or center. You can also change the text color and background color from color options.

creative link styles

Step 6: Choose Typography and Others

You can also change the typography of the text. There you will find lots of options; choose any of them. Moreover, there are some other features available such as border-radius, box shade, width, etc.

typography for creative links
Now it’s your turn to try all the effects, typography, and colors. So, try it one by one and bring the best look to your creative link.