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100+ Best Elementor Addons to Customize your WordPress Site

100+ Best Elementor Addons to Customize your WordPress Site

Today, I’m going to take you through some of the most powerful Best Elementor addons. As you know, Elementor is a page builder plugin. However, if you want more design potential, there are hundreds of great third-party Elementor addons. You can use this elementor addons to build your websites more powerfully. Surely, the best elementor addons will supercharge your website building experience.

In this article, I’ll give a sharp look-out over 100 best Elementor Addons. Most of these addons comes with a variety of new widgets to use in your designs. Besides, they add new functionalities as well.

Let’s take a close look at all these best Elementor addons.

Moreover, as you can choose the best elementor addons by category, I’ve made a table of content.

100+ Best Elementor Addons

1. Master Addons for Elementor

Best elementor addons

As per its name, Master Addons came in market to master overall WordPress functionalities. This plugin comes with an extensive list of 30+ Elementor addons. It contains many popular addons. Including, Animated Headlines, Dual Headings, Flipbox, Infobox, Call to action, and so on. 

Moreover, Master Addons supports creating forms. Here, you are likely to use Contact Form 7, Caldera forms, WP Forms, and many more. There are 16 types of free content elements available in this plugin. No doubt, you can make a perfect landing page without coding skill. So, just bring on the ready page and restore the dummy content to get an outstanding result. Let’s dive deeper into this best elementor addons.

Highlights :

  • 45+ Elements
  • 15+ Extensions
  • Light Weight & Fast
  • Unique Design Options
  • Compatible with any WordPress Theme
  • Rich Template library for both free and pro users

2. Master Mega Menu

Mega Menu For Elementor

Master Mega Menu is a stunning Elementor extension. Although it is not easy to get mega menu plugin, Jewel Theme brought Master Mega Menu in market. This is one of the best Elementor Addons coming with a lot of services. No doubt, you can create a fully responsive Mega Menu with its drop down layout. Again, this plugin lets you use all Elementor addons.

What’s more, Master Mega Menu used custom CSS for easy customizations. One thing you should know this plugin includes Master Addons as well. Moreover, you have customizing options to re-design your website. At last, that is to say from Jewel Theme about Master Mega Menu, “There is no limitations, sky is the limit!”


  • 15+ Submenu Indicator.
  • Stunning options to arrange contents with Pop-up .
  • Enable/Disable Mega Menu
  • Sticky Navigation Menu
  • Mobile Menu Ready
  • Menu Transition/Animation Effects

3. Content Locker for Elementor

Content Locker For Elementor

Content Locker for Elementor restricts harmful access to your content. It provides you with different content restriction processes. Actually, there are 3 types of restrictions available in this plugin. Say, user Roles based, Password based, and Math Captcha. Moreover, Content Lockers comes with unlimited style options. These style options are – Background, Typography, Text Color, Submit Form, Margin and etc. 

Furthermore, the plugin has access control for any page or templates. Premium version of Content Locker offers many exclusive features. Namely, 4 Types of Age Verification, Pop Ups, Custom Backgrounds and many more. The pro version also incorporates error message customization options. Thus, Content Locker is one of the best elementor addons with all its specialties.

Highlights :

  • 3 Types of Restriction programs.
  • Can limit access to your content.
  • Custom message or templates for restricting user access.
  • Warning message show/hide options.
  • Error message customization options.
  • Age Restriction.

4. Exclusive Addons for Elementor

Exclusive Addons for Elementor

Exclusive Addons is a freemium plugin. You can try the free version and then go for the premium version if you want. This Elementor Addons enables features like Live Preview and Inline Editing for all of their elements.

The free version includes 40+ functional widgets and extensions, while pro version comes with 50+ advanced elements.

In terms of design concepts, Exclusive Addons has 23+ pre-built templates and over 800+ readymade blocks in their Template Library.

Also, the plugin comes with a custom icon library with 3000+ icons, a rare attribute among Elemetor add-ons.

Highlights :

  • Lightweight and super fast plugin
  • 24/7 Friendly Support
  • 90+ Elementor Widgets & Extensions
  • Over 800+ Readymade Blocks
  • 23+ Pre-built Templates
  • 3000+ Icons
  • Inline Editing with Live Preview
  • Endless Customizable Options

5. Stratum – Elementor Widgets

Stratum – Elementor Widgets

One of the relatively new but very promising addon solutions is Stratum Elementor Widgets. This is a collection of 20+ free advanced elements aimed to boost the interactivity of your website, whether it’s meant for business or personal needs.

The main focus of the Stratum Elementor add ons is the affordable quality rather than quantity. All 20+ widgets are highly-customizable and easy to work with, so they help create amazing designs for both beginners and proficient users. And most importantly, all of them are available for free! Only a few extra functionality comes with the Stratum Pro version, which is quite affordable in comparison to similar solutions.

6. Image Comparison Elementor Addon

Image Comparison Element

If you are searching for an element that will help you to showcase your before after photos then this Elementor Addon is perfect for you. It’s a fully customizable plugin. You can change the label text in your own language too. If you don’t need the label text then just remove it and keep blank. From the style tab you able to customize margin, padding, typography, border, color for your desired section.

7. Image Hover Effects For Elementor

Image Hover Effects for Elementor

This plugin will add an extra element inside your elementor general category. Just drag that Image Hover Effects element inside your page or post editor. Then you able to select your image from media. Write down the title, description properly to get an outstanding look. Feel free to change the hover effects style and check what fits best with your page or post.

8. Premium Addons for Elementor

Premium Addons For Elementor

As per its name, ‘Premium addons’, you might think that it offers premium version only. However, it offers a free version as well. Here, you will get 50+ highly customizable widgets and addons. All the widgets will give you the ability to build amazing websites. Within less time, and without coding knowledge.

Actually, Premium addons has 20+ widgets in the free version. Besides, the premium version consists 30+ widgets. It is regardless to tell, Premium Addons offers more customization options than any other plugin. In addition, it serves faster performance. Indeed, Premium Addons can be a meaningful choice for you.


  • Lightweight and modular
  • WPML ready
  • Advanced Google Maps widget
  • Horizontal and vertical tabs
  • Content switcher widget

9. HT Mega – Absolute Addons for Elementor Page Builder

HT Mega For Elementor

HT Mega is in the best Elementor addons list. This plugin comes with 80+ elements & 360 blocks with unlimited variations. It consists of many more options. Including, header/footer builder, theme/template builder, menu builder, sales notification etc.

That is to say, HT Mega is one of the best Elementor addons, reaching the apex of excellence. Indeed, it is a huge store of Elementor addons.


  • Fully customizable
  • 100% responsive and mobile ready.
  • Unlimited color options.
  • Retina ready.
  • Sales notification.

10. PowerPack Addons for Elementor

PowerPack addons provides 60+ Creative Elementor Widgets and extensions. This plugin offers both free and pro versions. Apart from the pro version, its free version includes 30+ free Elementor widgets.

Rather than adding more widgets, the PowerPack emphasize on creating unique and creative widgets. No doubt, its addons features will make you fall in love. To wit, You can maintain your brand in your sites and projects with PowerPack.


  • 20+ Pro Elementor widgets
  • 30+ Free Elementor widgets
  • Lightweight, easy to use
  • WooCommerce Elementor widgets
  • Extensive styling option

11. Elements Kit for Elementor

Elements Kit Lite

Elements kit is one of the best Elementor addons by Envato market. Elements kit includes Header builder, footer builder, Megamenu builder. Besides, here you will get 50+ custom addons elementor pack. In addition, there are 20+ Home page ready Layout Pack, 500+ Section pack with layout-kit.

Notably, Elements kit is one of the best elementor addons. Which will help you not to use multiple plugins. Indeed, this is an ultimate all in one add-on. What’s more, it includes exclusive features. Furthermore, Elements kit offers most unique and powerful custom controls for elementor. Say, image picker, ajax select, Advanced widget , etc.


  • 50+ Fully Customizable Elementor addons widgets.
  • 450+ Ready blocks
  • 20+ Ready homepages
  • Sticky content in any place.
  • Widgets area

12. Unlimited Elements for Elementor

Unlimited Elements For Elementor

Unlimited Addons is another top-rated elementor addons. You can power up your page builder using this plugin. Unlimited Addons is easy-to-use & creative in its widget library.

Moreover, you can add custom fields and settings to your widgets. To wit, Unlimited Addons will give you ultimate flexibility. In words, you will get more than 100+ free widgets for your Elementor website.

Highlights :

  • 100+ Free widgets for Elementor.
  • Fully Customizable.
  • Advanced custom fields for Elementor.
  • 24/7 Supports.
  • Lightweight and faster support.

13. Elementor Addons & Templates – Sizzify Lite

Addons & Templates for Elementor

Sizzify Lite is a completely free and easy to use plugin. It comes with numbers of elements. Which help your Elementor work better with WooCommerce. It adds buttons like product categories, recent products, best-selling products, popular products, and so on for WooCommerce.

Apart from the WooCommerce-related widgets, Sizzify provides many more widgets too. Say, it has two post-related add-ons and six new options for the post grid. Likewise, pricing table, services, contact form, newsletter form, and user registration form. All the elements of Sizzfy Lite are easy to use.

Highlights :

  • 13 free Elementor templates.
  • 6 premium templates.
  • One-click import for each template.
  • Template customization settings.

14. JetWidgets For Elementor

JetWidgets For Elementor

JetWidgets comes with the set of outstanding widgets for Elementor. It is perfect for creating all kinds of content. It has content stylization settings. Which let you to create content with no coding skill.

Thus, you can customize its content and appearance according to your needs in few clicks.

Highlights :

  • 150+ Widgets.
  • 47+ Templates.
  • 64+ Popups.
  • Animated box.
  • Image layouts.

15. Gold Addons for Elementor

Gold Addons for Elementor

Gold addons is comparatively a newer plugin in the Elementor addons market. However, Gold addons are promising. This plugin comes with eye-catchy designs. By far, there are 7 widgets from Gold Addons. Two of them are premium. And the rest five widgets are totally free to use.

Moreover, this plugin’s active installers are increasing day by day. In words, this addons’ portfolio and the 3D flip box is extremely handy for beginners.

Highlights :

  • 7 Awesome widgets.
  • 5 Free widgets and 2 premium widgets.
  • Lightweight and easy to use.
  • Super responsive.
  • Open source software.

16. Piotnet Addons for Elementor

Piotnet Addons for Elementor

Piotnet Addons concentrates on elaborating Elementor functionality. It is not just likely to add normal widgets and other features. Moreover, this plugin has form builder features and some widgets as well.

However, the Piotnet isn’t as popular as the other addons. But, we certainly find it useful at times. By this time, it has 4,000+ active installations. Notably, it ensures full documents for each and every element. Besides, it is easy to use as well.

Thus, you will get Piotnet with its outstanding design.

Highlights :

  • Documents for every elements
  • Gradient Button
  • Lightbox Image With Title and Caption
  • Switch Content

17. Exclusive Addons for Elementor

Exclusive Addons for Elementor

Exclusive addons is completely free to purchase. This plugin shows updates on a weekly basis with new elements. Besides, Exclusive Addons enables Live Preview for most of their elements.

Notably, Exclusive addons includes more than 20 Elementor widgets. Moreover, 50+ ready-made block and counting are available. You can test Exclusive addons without paying anything to download it.

Highlights :

  • Completely free
  • Regular update
  • Awesome support
  • 150+ Readymade block
  • 220+ Elementor widgets
  • Lightweight and fast loading

18. Elements Plus Addons for Elementor

Elements Plus Addons for Elementor

Elements plus is a famous plugin for the Elementor page builder. It comes with 26+ widgets. One thing you have to know, all these widgets are absolutely free to use. The widgets are fully functional and workable. What’s more, all widgets include strong documentation support.

There are several key widgets of the Elements plus. Say, AudioIgniter Plus, Button Plus, Call to Action Plus, Contact Form 7 Plus, Dual Button Plus, and many more. Great to know that all those functions are free to download.


  • Documentation support
  • Easy to use
  • Extremely fast
  • 26+ widgets
  • Completely free
  • Live demos

19. Livemesh Addons for Elementor

Livemesh Addons for Elementor

 Livemesh Addons comes with huge functional extensions for Elementor page builder. It comes with 25+ elements in its bundle . But Livemesh doesn’t contain any ready blocks.

The free version has 13+ new widgets. Plus, it will include a new heading style option. Apart from this, the Premium version comes with an additional 15 other modules . In fact, this plugin has all widgets that you need to build a professional website. Thus, without switching to a premium theme, you can build your own website.


  • Portfolio Grid add-on
  • Odometers and Counters
  • Post carousel extension
  • Pricing plans
  • Custom animation and pagination (Pro)

20. WooLentor

WooLentor Elementor Addons

WooLentor will let you to enjoy the huge collection of widgets, blocks, templates, and functionality. WooLentor comes with 42 product styles, top-rated products, Sale and discount counter, unlimited color variations, etc. Moreover, you will get 3 product page layouts, on sale and featured products, 41 elements, 15 custom templates as well.

Highlights :

  • Special day offer
  • Price suggestion and Call for price
  • Sales notification
  • Slider control option
  • Archive template builder (Pro Version)

21. Happy Addons for Elementor

Happy Elementor Addons

Happy Addons is a nicely designed addons of Elementor. It comes with the sleekest designed widgets in the market. Like most other best elementor addons, it has both free and paid versions. The free version includes 22 widgets. likewise, Contact Form 7, info box, gradient heading, weForms and more. All widgets offer modern designs.

In fact, Happy Addons fits with any kind of website design. So, if you want your website with a modern look you should definitely try Happy Addons.


  • Cross domain copy pastes Preset
  • Unlimited section nesting
  • Site syncs
  • Floating effect
  • Live section copy
  • Widget background overlay
  • 500+ line icon

22. Layouts for Elementor

Layouts for Elementor

Layouts for Elementor incorporate 30+ ready-made layouts. All the layouts are completely free to download. That is to say, it has super-responsive design. Besides, this plugin is lightweight and fast. Each layout is designed for making eye-catchy and fully functional websites.

Moreover, Layouts will give you top-niche ready-made landing pages. Indeed, this is one of the simples way to import in your WordPress site. Just you need one-click and get started.

Highlights :

  • 30+ pre-built homepage.
  • Super responsive design.
  • One click installation.

23. Style Kits for Elementor

Style Kits for Elementor

Style Kits for Elementor was previously known as Analog Templates. This plugin adds a number of exclusive styling controls in the Elementor editor. By which you can customize your webpage.

Moreover, no need to add, copy, paste content style manually for the layouts. What’s more, you will get macro control of the most essential aspects of your layout system as well.

Highlights :

  • Outer section padding
  • Accent colors
  • Column gaps
  • Background classes
  • Buttons colors


24. Elementor Addon Elements

Elementor Addon Elements

Elementor Addon Elements bring newer elements to Elementor page builder. The plugin comes with huge functionality. For instance, Flip Box, Text Separator, Price Table, Post List, Animated Text, After/Before Image Compare, Split Text, Particle Background for Sections, Google Map, Twitter and etc. Thereby, make a great looking website. Take a sharp look-out to Elementor Addon Elements.

Highlights :

  • Specific background.
  • Google Map integration.
  • Load faster.

25. Elementor Custom Skin

Elementor Custom Skin

You will get full control over adding new skins to your page builder posts by this plugin. Besides, it will help you create a professional post grid of your choice.

Highlights :

  • Multiple layout options
  • Template selection
  • Column selection
  • Posts per page selection
  • Image positioning

26. Dynamic Conditions

Dynamic Conditions

This addon comes with multiple facilities to boost up of your website.

Highlights :

  • Adds conditional logic to show or hide different elements.
  • Faster support
  • Timeline

27. Image Hover Effects Addon

Image hover effects for Elementor

Image Hover is one of the best supporting addons by Blocksera. It offers a set of customized hover effects. For customizing icons, tags or images.

Highlights :

  • 40+ image hover effects
  • Space control features between elements
  • Center the text horizontally
  • Circle and square border coverage for effects
  • Easy customization

28. Sticky Header Effects

Sticky Header Effects for Elementor

This is another set of add-ons. Coming up with multiple features to give the header of your site a clean look. Thus, you can reduce the boring look of a sticky header.

Highlights :

  • Built-in options panel
  • Apply options on scrolling
  • Transparent header
  • Color options for header background
  • Shrink logo

29. Polylang Connect

Polylang Connect for Elementor

This addon works best as template tweaks. Besides, Polylang works excellent as a language switcher.

Highlights :

  • Elementor Finder integration
  • Dynamic tag
  • Community collaboration
  • Templates on different languages
  • Options to make second header template.

30. Events Tracker

Events Tracker for Elementor

Events Tracker is an extremely useful addon. It helps you to track any event. As well as, it conversions easily on your site.

Highlights :

  • Google tag manager
  • Google analytics
  • Form widget submit
  • Heading widget click
  • Button widget click

31. Advanced Post Queries

This addon allows you dynamically query the portfolios and posts of your site.

Highlights :

  • Dynamic author field
  • Dynamic date field
  • Compatible with ACF
  • Custom identity field
  • Query by the time

32. Flexible Elementor Panel

You will enjoy a draggable, flexible, and customizable Elementor panel with this addon.

Highlights :

  • Vertical collapsible panel
  • Multiple dark skin for editor
  • Sortable widgets category
  • RTL ready
  • Collapsible widgets category

33. Elementor Button Plus

Elementor Button Plus works with the styles and options for the button widget.

Highlights :

  • Button with tooltip
  • Circle button style
  • Dual button styles
  • Normal and push styles
  • Text or icon push style

34. Post Grid Addon

Best Elementor Addons support you with their best works. Likewise, Post Grid Addon is useful for generating a post grid with multiple options.

Highlights :

  • Fully responsive layout
  • Compatible with any theme
  • 5 layouts for post grid
  • Multiple customization options

35. Custom Icons

Like many other best Elementor addons, Custom Icons is currently offering you better opportunities for branding your business.

Highlights :

  • Add unlimited icons to your site
  • Use icons anywhere
  • Delete individual packs
  • View icons in uploaded pack
  • Fontello font packs

36. Hotel Booking

Hotel Booking is the best Elementor addons for property rental website. MotoPress branded this easy to use toolkit to boost up your property rental site.

Highlights :

  • Hotel booking features
  • Easy customization option
  • Search availability form
  • Accommodation rates and service
  • Product filter by rating

37. Elemento Forms

Elemento Forms addon supports all-in-one form integration. You need no coding knowledge to get its services.

Highlights :

  • Set layout and styles
  • Single-click data export
  • Store your form submissions
  • Menu anchor and sidebar

38. Elementor Blocks for Gutenberg

Elementor Blocks addon presents the easiest way to combine Gutenberg and Elementor.

Highlights :

  • Adds blocks and templates
  • Preview the template right inside
  • 300+ pre-designed blocks
  • Unlimited design options
  • 100+ pre-designed pages

39. Metform Elementor Addon

Metform offers you to build any kind of form as per your necessity.

Highlights :

  • Multiple contact form
  • Easy customization
  • Mobile friendly and responsive
  • Manage submissions
  • File upload
  • Ready Elementor blocks

40. Page Templater For Elementor

Page Templater for Elementor is a plugin for users of Elementor Page Builder. This plugin now includes support for a custom menu. Which is used for anchor points on the full-width blank templates.

41. SJ Elementor Addon

SJ Elementor Addon is a high-performance tool for the designer. Here one can add subscribe form with custom fields. Besides, SVG separator and image separator for Elementor are also available in this plugin.

42. Addon Widgets For Elementor

Addon Widgets is a special plugin that gives you many useful options. It can add native custom WordPress Widgets. Which widgets are specifically designed for the Elementor Page Builder.

Moreover, if you have WooCommerce business, then you can showcase your WooCommerce product. Likewise, WooCommerce categories, best selling products. As we’ve mentioned, this plugin can help you in many cases.

43. Exclusive Add-ons for Elementor

Exclusive Addons for Elementor helps you to get most modern and trendy design to your webpage. To get best Elementor page building experience, take a further step with Exclusive Addons.

44. NavMenu Addon For Elementor

This Addon brings new NavMenus to the Elementor Page Builder. The plugin offers huge options in your website building experience. It includes Site Branding options, search box, basic MegaMenu, and full screen Menu Overlay.
All the options let you get your webpage gorgeously.

45. Fullwidth Templates for Any Theme & Page Builder

While using a Page Builder, there are such things that usually limit your creativity. For instance, page title, boxed layout.

If you want freedom to design your website, this plugin will definitely help you. Indeed, the addons helps you go full width on any theme. So, to get beautiful full-width layouts with page Elementor, use this great plugin. That is to say, this is one of the best elementor addons we are talking about.

46. StylePress

StylePress is an easy to use WordPress plugin. This plugin helps you design your entire website quickly and easily. Besides, it adds additional widgets to Elementor. For instance, Tooltip, Navbar, Modal Popups, Page Slider etc.

47. WP Pro Counter

WP Pro Counter is another great plugin. It will definitely help you to add counters inside exiting plugins, editors, and content. With this plugin, you can create dynamic counters.

48. Void Elementor Post Grid Addon for Elementor Page

Void Elementor addons add new element to Elementor Page Builder. It helps you to showcase your blog posts. You can customize your posts with custom taxonomy in five different styles. The five different styles are –

  • Grid Layout
  • List Layout
  • Minimal Grid
  • First Big Post then Grid
  • First big post then list.

49. Envato Elements – Template Kits (Beta)

Envato grabs attention by their theme marketplace, ThemeForest. This plugin comes with a library of Template Kits. Each Kit consists of multiple templates working together visually. These templates perform beautifully for a specific niche. That is to say, you can directly import any template it into your library. As well as, you can use it to create a new page too.

50. WooRocks Magic Content

WooRocks Magic Content will help you to reset what users watch after logging in with Elementor Page Builder. This plugin is lightweight and powerful. Besides, it enables you to take control of your webpage’s content. You will be able to restrict access to sections to logged-in users.

51. Press Elements for Elementor

Press Elements is an easy-to-use Elementor widgets. It will help you design single page templates to display your content. Besides, you can add many widgets with this plugin. For instance, you are likely to use Post Title, Post Excerpt. Post Date, Author etc.

Thus, Press Elements is visually stunning and simple to use addons pack.

52. WP Form Styler For Elementor

WP Form Styler is an add-on that comes with most advanced frontend drag & drop page builder Elementor. It brings Contact & Email forms design and styling .

53. Devices for Elementor

Devices for Elementor is another powerful Elementor widget. Using this plugin, you can add a phone, tablet, laptop or desktop frame to your image.

54. Granular Controls For Elementor

Granular Controls Addons can take control of your favorite page builder’s elements. In order to design better websites, you can take Granular Controls. It will make nice looking landing pages and overall better UI/UX.

55. BEW Menu Cart

This is another addon that add EDD Menu Cart Widget & Woocommerce to the page builder Elementor.

56. Fancy Elementor Flipbox

Fancy Elementor Flipbox adds an amazing and customizable flip box widget. You will get the widget with many options.

57. Countdown Timer for Elementor

Countdown Timer showcases a countdown timer. Which enables one to know next upcoming event or offers with elementor page builder.

58. GT3 Elementor Photo Gallery

This is an easy to use plugin. GT3 photo gallery for Elementor can build your creative online photo galleries fast.

59. Popbox For Elementor

popbox is a modal plugin for Elementor Page Builder. PopBox for Elementor will help you create beautiful templates with Elementor Page Builder. You can use it with the included Popbox overlay script.

60. Contact Form 7 Widget For Elementor

You can add Contact Form 7 widget element to Elementor page builder. Its easy drag & drop can create contact forms with contact form 7.

61. Boosted Elements

The Boosted Elements plugin adds extended page builder elements. You can get it to the free Elementor page builder easily.

62. Lenix Elementor Leads addon

Lenix is a useful Plugin. It storages the leads that come from the Elementor contact forms.

63. Ninja Forms styler for Elementor Page Builder

Ninja Forms styler designs the form visually with Elementor.

64. Gravity Forms styler for Elementor Page Builder

Gravity Forms styler designs the gravity form visually with Elementor.

65. Elementor WHMCS Elements For Elementor

Elementor WHMCS comes with various widgets. Including, Live Domain Searcher, Pricing Table, Knowledge Base in Elementor. When you are running WHMCS, this is one of the best elementor addons available for you.

66. Frontend Post for Elementor

This plugin lets you publish posts for logged in users via API. You can custom HTML or Elementor Template Shortcode for them.

67. Templementor – Persistent Elementor Templates

You can create persistent templates with this plugin. That is to say, Templementor will let you to edit your pages in minutes.

68. Elementor Google Map Extended

This plugin can easily add multiple address pins onto any map types. Including, Road Map, Satellite, Hybrid, Terrain. So, you can custom map style. Besides, there are free edit info window content of your pins. With the standard Elementor text editor, you can do this. To wit, Elementor Google Map Extended has any more custom map options.

69. Extra Privacy for Elementor

You will get some extra privacy settings to Elementor Widgets by this option. Notably, EU-Privacy Regulations will be there to help you.

70. Portfolio for Elementor

Portfolio plugin extends Elementor by adding the Portfolio functionality. Portfolio is completely free to use.

71. Toolbar Extras for Elementor Page Builder

This plugin gives many quick jump links to the WordPress. Toolbar helps Site Builders who use Elementor.

72. Power Ups for Elementor

Power Ups for Elementor brings up new addons, widgets and features. Including, Slider, Team, Testimonials, Post Carousel and Portfolio.

73. Upload Field For Elementor Forms

Upload Field addon adds an upload field option to Elementor Pro Forms.

74. Mosaic Gallery Addon for Elementor

This is another plugin that let you get best elementor page builder experience.

75. Revolution for Elementor

Revolution for Elementor offers new features and widgets for both free Elementor and Elementor Pro.

76. Elementor Navigation Tree

This plugin displays navigation tree to showcase a list of active elements on the elementor editor screen.

77. Full Screen Menu for Elementor

This addons show a full screen menu widget to the Elementor Page Builder.

78. Elementor Element Condition

Elementor conditions for elements and widgets.

79. Split Test for Elementor

Split test for Elementor is another special widget.

80. White Label Branding for Elementor Page

Elemento White Label Branding will take full control over the branding in WordPress admin. This add-ons will allow you to re-size Elementor Page Builder.

81. Elementor Call to Action Box Animate

This is a easy to use and Interactive Call-to-Action Elementor Widget. This plugin contains content hover animations, background hover transition. Moreover, you get 2 buttons with separator text in-between subtitle. Again, you can overlay text, animation and more with the plugin.

82. WooCommerce For Elementor

WooCommerce for Elementor is another special plugin. It comes with new Woocommerce Widgets. All these widgets are specifically designed to support WooCommerce. So, get the best elementor addons that supports your business.

83. Content Box Addon for Elementor

Content Box Addon incorporates 7 unique content box addon designs. Using this Elementor addon, you will get many extra functionalities as well.

84. Mega WooCommerce Addons for Elementor

Mega WooCommerce Addons for Elementor offers many
WooCommerce widgets. Which helps you get best Elementor Addons support.

85. Kadence WooCommerce Elementor

This is an Elementor for Woocommerce. Kadence plugin shows product templates to build custom product pages. Plus, it allows huge editing options inside the product itself.

86. Tables For Elementor

Tables For Elementor is an add-on set for Elementor. It will create Feature rich tables. Moreover, you can customize the features right inside the page builder.

87. All In One Contact Form Integration For Elementor

This plugin can integrate style – Contact Form 7, Ninja Forms, Gravity Forms in Elementor visual editor.

88. Dashboard Welcome for Elementor

Dashboard Welcome comes into play replacing the default WordPress dashboard. Here, you can add a heading, contact information, form, video, images, affiliate links, and etc. by this plugin.

89. Massive Addons for Elementor

Massive Addons is a huge collection of high-end addons for Elementor.

90. Country Flags for Elementor

Bring country flags widget to the Elementor Page Builder.

91. Widgets For Elementor

Widgets for Elementor is an WordPress Plugin comes with many popular elements. This plugin will surely help you with everything you need in website page building.

92. JetWoo Builder

JetWoo Builder is a set of modules for WooCommerce.

93. Formentor Elementor Form Plus

You can send submitted forms directly from your WordPress site to Google Sheet by Elementor Form Plus.

94. Image Hotspot Addon – This is a great Elementor page builder.

You can create beautiful and professional Image hotspots with highly customizable tooltips.

95. Language Switcher for Elementor

You will get a language switcher widget by this plugin.

96. Rife Elementor Extensions & Templates

Rife Elementor brings new widgets to use in Elementor. Besides, it allows you to bring handsome full page templates for Elementor as well.

97. Envato Elements – Photos & Elementor Templates

Envato Elements

Envato Elements offer you 1,000+ free & great looking templates. However, you only need browse, import, and then customize your content. Notably, there are more than 70 template kits available. Each Kit was made up of multiple templates. The templates are nicely designed for a specific niche. So, once you find a suitable template, you can directly bring it into your library. Moreover, you can browse and import images from the entire Envato Elements library. Which contains more than 600,000 royalty-free stock photos.


  • Premium quality photo import
  • Handcrafted free templates
  • Premium top-quality assets
  • Unlimited download
  • 12 hand-selected files

98. Astra Starter Sites – Elementor Templates

Astra Sites for Elementor

Astra Starter Sites plugin provides 90+ pre-made full website demos. That is why, you only need to select the demo that suits your needs. So, just import, tweak and go live! Thus, you will be able to build a website in 5 clicks.

Highlights :

  • 90+ pre-made demos
  • Easy installation
  • Responsive design

99. CrocoBlock

JetSticky For Elementor

Perfect Elementor Package for Beginners. Invaluable for Developers & Web Studios.
You’ll get a complete set of outstanding widgets with this addon. You can use CrocoBlock for creating any kind of content to boost your online business.


  • Advanced carousel
  • Stunningly beautiful headlines
  • Animated box
  • Image comparison and layouts
  • Pricing table

100. Master Table for Elementor

Table Element for Elementor

Master Table for Elementor is another notable plugin. It comes with many mind blowing features. Most importantly, Master Table lets you create a dynamic tables with Elementor. 

You will be able to create dynamic row/column based table creation. Along with this, you are going to get many advanced features. Say, images, icons, background, typography controls and etc. This is one of the best elementor addons offering both free and pro version. The premium version comes with extra functionality.

Let’s explore more about Master Table Elementor Addons.

Highlights :

  • 4 types of age verification.
  • Dynamic row/column based table creation.
  • Fast and responsive layout.
  • Easy to use.
  • Lifetime support & updates.
  • 24/7 support.

Premium Elementor Addons

1. Master Addons – Forefront Addons for Elementor

You can download Master Addons – Forefront Addons for Elementor for free.  Master Addons is a collection of amazing and well designed Elementor Addons Pack. If you are in a hunt of the perfect addons for Elementor, then this is the best elementor addons.

Undoubtedly, Master Addons – Forefront Addons will help you make a creative looking website. Master Addons provides all necessary widget. Which helps your webpage to bring life. Moreover, it is easy to enable and disable any widget from the plugin add-ons section.

One thing you have to know, to get this plugin, you’ve to install the Elementor Page builder plugin. Otherwise, this plugin will not work. In words, Master Addons, presented by Jewel Theme comes with appealing & reader-friendly features.


  • 30+ Widgets.
  • Animated headlines
  • Team members slider
  • Creative buttons
  • Timeline
  • Progressbar

2. Restrict Content for Elementor

Restrict Content for Elementor allows locking content on any WordPress site. It works simply by adding a new Element inside the General elements library. You will be able to lock your content in many ways with this plugin. Add user role, age selection, checkbox, password, popup to restrict your content from the audience.

Moreover, you can insert pdf, text, image or video, etc to restrict content area. With the help of this plugin, it will be easy to hide anything on your webpage. Thus, you can prevent spam and get an exact real audience for your desired lead.


  • No coding skill needed.
  • Works with Elementor Page builder.
  • 4 Types of Restriction available.
  • Limiting access to your content with this Addon.
  • Warning message show/hide options.

3. Elements Plus Addons for Elementor

Elements plus is a famous plugin for Elementor page builder. It comes with 26+ and counting distinct widgets. One thing you have to know, all these widgets are absolutely free to use. The widgets are fully functional and workable. What’s more, all widgets include strong documentation support.

There are several key widgets of the Elements plus. Say, AudioIgniter Plus, Button Plus, Call to Action Plus, Contact Form 7 Plus, Dual Button Plus, and many more. Great to know that all those functions are free to download.


  • Documentation support
  • Easy to use
  • Extremely fast
  • 26+ widgets
  • Completely free
  • Live demos

4. AnyWhere Elementor Pro

AnyWhere Elementor is such a plugin that insert Elementor created content anywhere. AnyWhere Elementor is very useful while you are using shortcodes.

Highlights :

  • Easy set-up.
  • Lightweight.
  • Responsive design.
  • All over support.
  • Faster speed.

5. Essential Addons for Elementor

Create powerful website pages with 65+ creative extensions and elements. This is one of the most popular addons. Which allows you to design beautiful pages with its exclusive features.


  • Instant loading
  • Lightweight
  • Completely customizable
  • Element control option
  • Add modern buttons
  • Mobile-friendly forms

6. Element Pack Lite

This is a plugin coming up with 20 popular elements. By this best elementor addons you can fulfill your everyday need for page building.


  • Panel slider
  • Lightbox
  • Business hour
  • Flipbox
  • Cookie consent
Themes that works well with Elementor

1. Cast WordPress Theme

Cast theme is re-developed with Elementor and Master Addons for Elementor. So, the theme is Elementor supported. 

Cast is an automatic, flexible and powerful WordPress theme. Specially designed to suit the needs of building and construction websites. Cast is built to make your content pop with its ready made layouts. Purchase the theme now. No doubt, you will get best page building experience while using Cast theme.

Special Features of Cast Elementor supported theme:

  • Powerful Admin Panel
  • 6 Blog Page Variations
  • 4 Purpose Oriented Homepages
  • 20+ Ready Made Inner Pages
  • 80+ Page Builder Elements
  • Visual Composer plugin ready.
  • 20 custom items.
  • 1 Click Demo Install

2. Hello Elementor

Hello Elementor is an user-friendly & lightweight theme for Elementor page builder.

3. OceanWP

OceanWP is one of the best WordPress themes to use with your preferred page builder. Besides, it is totally cost free.

4. Astra Theme

Astra is the fastest & fully responsive theme. It is suitable for personal portfolios, blogs and business websites.

Elementor Performance

Disable Elementor Overview dashboard widget

This will disable the Elementor overview dashboard widget from Elementor page builder.

Debug Elementor

This will let you Debug plugin for Elementor in order to display post/page data saved by Elementor page builder.

Elementor Editor not loading

It will help you to fix your website elementor editor issue. If you noticed editor not loading then follow that content. 

Nowadays, thousands of people use Elementors. Indeed, the plugin has made life easier with its awesome features. Now, you can design beautiful websites by simple drag and drop.

I hope, you need no time to select & get best Elementor addons. To wit, it is the time to give it a go.

Be sure, you have checked the following list properly. And as you are done, take best Elementor addons to boost your website.

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Person behind Master Addons. He's WordCamp Speaker, Elite Author in Themeforest, Volunteer Theme Reviewer of WordPress.org, Co-Founder of Jewel Theme.

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