Top 10 Elementor Marketing Widgets For Bloggers & Affiliate Marketers

If you want to make your blog (or affiliate marketing site) look more special, then we have something to show you. Here is the Elementor Marketing Widgets list which you will get for free within Master Addons. Day by day, Elementor addons are being very popular for adding extra facilities to a website.

In fact, Elementor Page builder is one of the most feature enriched page builder available in market. It is dynamic and flexible.

Alongside, it makes things easier for you to showcase. Whether you are designing a web page or adding extra facilities to your site, elementor addons will meet your need.

Regardless to say that, every WordPress developer loves to get the best addons pack. This is where, Master Addons is special. As you are looking to customize your blog site, then Master Addons has everything to meet your need.

Plus, being a developer-friendly addons pack, it already has grown with numbers of add-ons. Take a look at all elements by Master Addons.

giphyIn this article, I’m going to describe some special widgets. No doubt, these elementor elements will be very interesting to a blogger and marketer. Most of these add-ons serve extended features to use on your website. As well as, they will also bring new design options for your existing widgets. You can relax after installing the following addon then drag & drop the necessary elements which you need. Check more demos from all demo page.

Now, let me introduce the best addons for blogger and marketers. We will suggest you one add-ons pack that comes with lots of facilities.

The very special name is Master Addons. Let’s dive into this addons set. Where you’ll get every option you need to customize your blog or specialize your marketing website.

Elementor Marketing Widgets Pack

Master Addons is a sensational and beautifully designed Elementor Addons Pack.

As you are looking for the addons for Elementor for your blog or marketing site, then Master Addons can help you.

You will get numbers of great elements to turn your ordinary website into extra ordinary. When you are in need of making an appealing blog website, you will need many special widgets to use. This is where, Master Addons is far better than any other add-ons set.

In fact, Master Addons is a set of many important add-on pack. All the add-ons will help your website to bring life. Plus, you can easily enable and disable any widget from the plugin. Moreover, every addon comes with highly customization options.

This plugin gives you access to some special add-ons service. You can use them to make your blog more user-friendly. Plus, all the given widgets will help to bring more traffic into your site. So, you are getting more conversion rate in your website.

Free Animated Headlines For Elementor

As a blogger or marketer, you must know it is important to write the right headline in the website. This plugin lets you make dashing headings. The more your headings are attractive, the more you can seek people’s attention. On the minus side, if the headline is simple, the reader will lose interest to browse more on your site.

animated headline element

Thus, the heading of a blog is one of the much-needed aspect. Notably, headlines catches a person’s eyes most. So, you must need this add-on to give your headline a stylish look. Animated Headlines let your webpage get an elegant look. As aforementioned, this is one of the best addons for blogger & marketer.

Free Advanced Accordion For Elementor

The accordion addon can make your content user-friendly. It is easier for the reader to simply see what the content is about before clicks to read the page.

Advanced Accordion Element

Advanced Accordion will help your readers to have a quick look to the content. Under each Accordion bar,you’ll find every content sorted. Indeed, you have the complete freedom to sorting. What’s more, you can customize many options here. For instance,  collapse animation, column color, size, and position are available for customization. Furthermore, you can choose from a range of colors and styles options.

 Progressbar For Elementor 

Bloggers and marketers need to make people touched with their campaign. A progress bar brings an intelligent touch to your website. You can add an elegant animated progress bar to your site. Which will highlight a certain subject in your blog.

Progressbar Element

Moreover, this addon helps you to showcase the services you offer. Progressbar includes different styles. Say, Line style, bubble style, circle style. In this way, Progressbar helps your blogs elegantly.

 Tooltips Widget for Elementor

Tooltip is another important addon. It makes your website far and more user-friendly. Thus, you can add information fruitfully. Moreover, tooltips give your reader the option to click on certain image, text or icons. Bloggers and marketers tend to make leads to their campaigns.

Tooltips Element

Moreover, you can add more information to your site with Tooltips addon. Tooltips make your site more interactive. You can put information simply in your content. Besides, you can give information about certain words or images. By using Tooltips you can easily give added information. For more, you have customizing options with tooltips in the Elementor plugin.

Flip Box For Elementor 

While you’re searching for an easy way to showcase your services, then you have Flip Box. Master Addons Flip Box includes a 3D effect.

Flip Box Element

Plus, it comes with a variety of options to your site. Say, Flip box Horizontal, Flip vertical, Flipping Cubes, Fade, Cube, Diagonal and Rollover options and etc. Thus, with its ton of features, you will be able to grow your sales and marketing efforts.

Elementor Info Box Element

To gather more traffic to your site, you need to highlight important information on your website. Plus, to bring a life in your website you’d like Info Box. Indeed, a viewer has not much time to read everything on your website. This is why he would look for important information in the colorful Info Box.

Info Box Element

Thus, the reader can easily go through the important information in the Info Box. Moreover, you have Master Addons Info Box with several styles options. We all know, successful marketers rely on good data for better sales. So, you need Info Box to showcase your service.

Elementor Blog Widget

You must arrange your blog posts attractively. Blog posts always bring more traffic on your site. However, many bloggers lag behind to set up their blog layout. This is why Master Addons came with this addon to help you  create your dreamy blog.  Without any hassle, you will get your blog at its best. You have customization option to – Select Grid, List, Masonry style, and define column.

Blog Element

What’s more, you can change typo for your headline, meta, and excerpt as well. Thus, Master Addons Blog comes with all the necessary features you need.

Elementor News Ticker Element

You can create blog posts or news using News Ticker. Notably, you have  many ways to showcase your site with this ticker. Including, type, id, last modified time, date of publishing, author, and much more. One thing you should know, this addon has no predefined style.

News Ticker Element

But it is  fully customizable. You can customize each part of your blog. Plus, you can import many variations from Master Addons content importer. With all its specialties, News  Ticker is considered as one of the best addons for blogger & marketer.

Elementor Image Hover Effects Widget

Importantly, it’s essential to put the title of your image. The Image Hover effects will help you to display your website. You can add 20+ amazing Hover effects available in this addon. Besides, you will get a predefined style. Moreover, the hover effects are highly customizable. You can select Typo, Border, Background color, text color, etc.

Image Hover Effects Element

Thus, this plugin is designed to create photo galleries in WordPress. Indeed, Image Hover Effects is a very essential add-on for digital marketing.

Elementor Call to action Addon

Last but not the least, we have kept Call to action to end this article. Simply, the Callout! This is such an important addon for any blogger. As you know,  bloggers and marketers tend to make more leads to their pages. This is why they need to attract readers with nice ‘call to action’. Here you will get saved call to action to use.

Call to action Element

Thus, it becomes one of the best addons for bloggers & marketers. So, wait no more. Check out the best result to bring a callout on your site.

Last of all, this can be said that all these add-ons typically make your site marketable. Every element in our list will attract affiliate marketers and bloggers alike.

Let’s wrap up!

In this article, we have tried to give a pen picture of best addons for blogger and marketer. No doubt, these addons will be beneficial for you. Whether you are a marketer or blogger following addons will meet your need. Take a look at details docs to learn more about the element.

So, feel free to explore the addons from our list. As you know, Master Addons is a big set of addons. Which comes with different plugins for serving your purposes. You may check Content locker element to set content restriction. 

That is to say, you get Master Addons with huge functionality. You are getting all your necessary  addons in a pack. Isn’t Master Addon cool in this case? Share your thoughts about Master Addons right below.

Master Addons Demos


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Business Hours
Pricing Table
Restrict Content
Dynamic Table

Special Elements

Call to Action
Progress Bar
Progress Bars
Creative Button
Creative Links
News Ticker
Table of Contents
Current Time
Domain Search
Nav Menu
Counter Up
Countdown Timer


Animated Gradient BG
Reading Progress Bar
Background Slider
Custom CSS
Custom JS
Container Extras
Mega Menu
Entrance Animation
Display Conditions
Dynamic Tags
Floating Effects
Custom Breakpoints
Post/Page Duplicator
Wrapper Link

Contact Form

Contact Form 7
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