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Add Image Hotspot Widget In Elementor With Tooltip

Image Hotspot

It’s easy to create an image map using Elementor with Image hotspot widget. Image hotspot with tooltip helps the audience to get a clear idea of your media file. Sometimes it’s impossible to explain in detail with text. Then you can get help from an image hotspot toggle widget.

There are a few hotspot plugins available for WordPress in the plugin directory. I will explain how to add image hotspot inside Elementor Page builder. Check this post and you will get a video guideline within this post. It will help you to create your image hotspot within a few minutes.

Here I am placing a real example from an eCommerce website. You will get a clear idea about this after enjoying the demo. I will show you how to customize your hotspot’s background color, text color, width, and typography. Just enjoy the following demo first. Also, check more demo of image hotspot from the following link.


Waist Belt

Coin Pocket

Belt Loop


Zipper Fly

Top Side

Inside Seam

Arm Hole
I am a tooltip for a hotspot
Sleeve Ham
I am a tooltip for a hotspot
I am a tooltip for a hotspot
I am a tooltip for a hotspot
Front Area
I am a tooltip for a hotspot
I am a tooltip for a hotspot

Let’s see how to add image hotspot in elementor using Master Addons Plugin. If you haven’t downloaded this free plugin yet then visit Master Addons WordPress plugin page and download it. You can check the plugin installation guide to get a better knowledge of installation and configuration. 

Image Hotspot Widget in Elementor

Le’ts check how to add image hotspot system in WordPress website. First search for MA Image hotspot element. You will see this element inside the Master Addons element library. Then Drag this Element to your elementor page editor. There is an option to choose an image. Click on the image icon and upload your image inside WordPress media and finally insert it in your image hotspot.

Image Hotspot Widget in Elementor

After adding an image inside the hotspot element you can select image size, and define alignment. Under Image option, you will see Hotspots, and Tooltips panel.

Hotspot Content & Style 

Click on Hotspots and you will see content, Style, and Position tabs. In the content area, you can define the hotspot type. There are two types of hotspots available, Text, & icon. After selecting Icon, it will let you choose your desired icon. You are free to place a link if necessary. Then the tooltip content area. Type text or add image, video inside this area.

Navigate to style tab and select default color, BG color, Opacity and Hover color, BG color, Opacity.

Image Hotspot with tooltip style

The next tab is the position. Place your hotspot anywhere using Horizontal, and Vertical position value. Select where you like to show your tooltip in the hotspot. There are top, bottom, left, and right values available.

 Image Hotspot Tooltip

The last option in content is Tooltips. This customization is set to global. If you don’t want to customize each hotspot tooltip manually, then you can do tooltip customization from this option. Define the maximum width if you need to place long tooltip content with image. Sometimes it’s necessary to hide tooltip in a mobile, tablet. Use diable on option to do this responsive job. Hide tooltip arrow from arrow option.

Image Hotspot with Tooltip Style

Image Hotspots Style

Image: Manage the hotspot image opacity, Border, Border Radius, Box Shadow, and CSS filters.

Hotspots: You can disable the pulse effect and manage hotspot default + hover opacity, size, color, BG color, Border, and box-shadow. There is a typography option which allows you to select a perfect typo for your hotspot point.

Tooltips: It has the same options as Hotspots. But tooltip has no hover system. You can arrange the border-radius, alignment from this option too.

Image Hotspot tooltip widget style

That’s all about adding Image hotspot widget with tooltip in your Elementor Page editor. This is a pro feature of Master Addons Plugin. Master Addons for Elementor plugin has some other unique feature. I recommend you to navigate the demos menu and check details.

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