Image Comparison

The Image comparison element helps you to showcase the before after result for anything.

Before Demo

Mouse Move On Hover

No click no select necessary to check the before after image. Only mouse hover and see the magic. This is the second version of our Image Comparison element. This is necessary for a mobile compatible website. Audience can touch the screen and move to see the effect.

Mouse Click Variation

Just click anywhere in the right before after image and see. This version is mouse click. That means it will not work on your hover or drag. Click on your mouse and drag your cursor to see the result.

Master Addons before after photoMaster Addons before after photo

Vertical Orientation

Here is a vertical orientation demo. I have enabled the mouse hover system in this demo. You can enable any Move Handle from our list. You can see a customized line bar here too. You can create any size of bar with any color. No matter if you want round, square, rectangle or any other shape. Just set value and you are done.

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