How To Delete All WordPress Content And Start Over

Deleting individual pages or posts is not a big deal.

But when you want to delete all WordPress content, it seems complicated. I will share two ways to delete all content and start over.

The first way is manual, and the second way is with a plugin. Spend 2 minutes and you will learn how to delete all WordPress content and start over.

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I recommend you to do a proper backup before following the steps in your live website. 

Delete All WordPress Content Manually

The summary is we’ve to delete the Database and the root directory. These two actions will delete your website completely.

You need to log in to your website Cpanel first. Go to your root folder and edit the wp-config.php file. You will get the database name there. Note down the database name. If you mistakenly delete any other database, then you will suffer a lot.

[I’ve arranged a demo look of WP-config.php file in the bellow screenshot. The first one is “DB_NAME“. Note down that name.]

Database Name in WP Config.php file

Database Name in WP Config.php file

Now it’s time to navigate the MySQL database list. Click on the “MySQL databases” option. If you don’t see the option then just use the search option. Type Database inside the Cpanel search field and you will get it.

MySQL Database option in Cpanel

MySQL Database option in Cpanel

All hosted databases are available in the list. Search the database name and delete it carefully. Make sure not to delete the user, if you have assigned the same user in a different database.

Delete Database from mySQL list

Delete Database from mySQL list

Now navigate to the root folder of your domain and delete everything.

Root Direcotry of WordPress installation

Root Direcotry of WordPress installation

Awesome, You have successfully deleted the full WordPress website. You are ready to install new WordPress in the domain with a new database.

[ Pro Tips: You can simply delete all tables from the database. Then refresh your domain. It will show you a new WordPress installation page. Just input all values properly. You will get a newly installed WordPress having all themes and plugins installed. You have to activate your desired Theme and Plugins one by one then. ]

Delete All WordPress Content With WP Reset Plugin

Let’s check the plugin method. I prefer to reset a WordPress website with the “WP Reset” plugin. Resetting a Website will keep all Themes and Plugins installed but not active. If you want to reset your website and start working from the sketch then do it. 

Go to Plugins> Add new. Search for “WP Reset”, and you will get the plugin on the first list. Just install and active it. You will get an option for Reset in tools. Navigate tools and click on Reset.

WP Reset Plugin Installation and Activation

WP Reset Plugin Installation and Activation

Scroll down a little and you will see something like the following screenshot. Just type “reset” for confirmation, then click on “Reset Site”. Within a few second you will see newly installed WordPress like before.
[All WordPress users will be deleted, except that one which you used to reset your website]

Wp Reset Option from Tools

Wp Reset Option from Tools

That’s all about how to delete all WordPress content and start over. I hope you got a clear idea on resetting or deleting entier WordPress. Feel free to get in touch with us if you face any problem or comment below.

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