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7 Best Plugins To Customize WordPress Login Page

As a site owner, you must want your website to have a unique look and gateway. Login page is one of the important part of a website. Here are some free plugins to customize wordpress login page. 

A customize login page lets your visitors enjoy a great user experience. There are some handy customize WordPress login page plugins that can play a significant role to improve your site’s login option.  Parhaps you can check some WooCommerce Addon plugin for Elementor and Google Maps plugins for WordPress website too.

In many websites, the users need to log in first to get into the contents. In this case, an easy login or sign up will help the visitors to simply access your site without wasting their valuable time.  

That is to say, a custom login page plugin is a must-have thing for any kind of membership site. In addition to this, these plugins also help your site to uplift its brand identity.  

Today, we are here with a shortlist of some of the very best Best customize WordPress login page plugins. Let’s dig deeper into the list and pick your choice. 

Customize WordPress Login Page

Now, we will review some of the most popular custom WordPress login page plugins in 2021.

If you want overall support for building an awesome login page, then LoginPress is there for you. There are plenty of handy features that will help to enhance your website login page customization experience.

With this customize WordPress login page plugin, you can customize everything to brand your site in a better way. It comes with an option to fine-tune the colors, background, logo, form paddings and borders, buttons, etc. Besides, there are error messages and welcome message options to choose from.

If you are looking for a better experience with this plugin, it has covered you with a premium version.

In addition to the free features, it will offer you:

  • Logout Menu, 
  • Social Login, 
  • Custom Widget, 
  • Redirects, 
  • Limit Login Attempts, 
  • Hide Login And Auto Login.

The next plugin that comes in our list is Custom Login Page powered by Colorlib. This is an excellent and easy to use custom login page customizer.

The plugin offers a wide range of support needed for login page customization. You can change and fine-tune the logo, background color or image, line alignments, and columns. Plus, there are options to fix borders, form width, form links, field colors, shadow, as well as even custom CSS.

As you are getting plenty of options out there, then why not try the Custom Login Page right away?

As the name implies, Branda comes to the game to brand your site with enthusiasm. In addition to these, you will get many options to customize the login page at ease.

The Branda White Label & Login Page Customizer plugin offers some exclusive features like admin area selections, cookie notice, a dashboard feeds, favicon,

author box, and so on. Besides, you will get a complete login page builder including many ready to play templates.

In this way, one can change the logo, background color or image, field options, shadows, plus something more to brand his site’s login page.

Take a look at the pro plugin to customize the login page of your website more gorgeously.

While you’re in search of a free but professional and simple-to-use customize WordPress login page plugin, Nextend Social Login can be a good option for you. This widget helps your site visitors sign up or log in to your website with their social or any other accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Google.

It makes things easier for the users instead of wasting their time in signing up. Even, your visitors have not to depend on the validation emails to log in to your site.

This is how the Nextend Social Login comfortably incorporates with your current login and registration page. Users can also unload their social id anytime. And if you want to enhance more with this plugin, go for the Nextend Social Login Pro.

If you want a simple plugin to improve your login page style, the Custom Login Page Customizer can be a great pick for you.

You can customize the logo, background style, field colors, etc to give your login page an amazing look. Interestingly, there is the live Customizer option. Overall, the Custom Login Page Customizer has you covered with a handy customization option for the login page of your site.

As the name suggests, the Ultimate Member lets your visitors login to your site at ease.

The Ultimate Member is perfect for community and membership websites. It gives a better and comfortable way to sign-up. The visitors can easily do profile login or membership login. for your visitor, excellent and easy to use custom login page customizer.

In addition to the typical features, you will get many more options to enhance your login page more. Ultimate Member is a feature-rich plugin. For example, it comes with many handy functionalities like custom form fields, user profiles, user registration, flexible navigation menus, and so on.

Login Designer is a free, developer-friendly, and easy to use custom login page WordPress plugin. If you don’t have any coding knowledge, but you wish to create a remarkable login page, then this is the plugin for you.

No matter whether you’re a beginner or a pro user, Login Designer is a jack of all trades. It lets both amateur and advanced users customize their site with fluency.

Check the live demo and take your decision whether you are going to use the plugin.

Final Verdict

There are two ways that you can customize your login page, you may make a WP plugin by yourself or go for the listed best customize WordPress login page.

We hope you have already made your choice. Let us know which plugin you preferred for your site.

Thanks for being here with us!

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