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12+ Free WordPress Admin Dashboard Plugin In WP Adminify

WordPress site owners spend a lot of time in the WordPress Admin Dashboard area. This is where you can customize your website, publish content, upload images, and control the entire website. I hope you have a clear idea of how important WordPress Dashboard is for a site owner.

WordPress Admin Dashboard for the site owner

You might spend a lot of time on the WordPress admin area for your blog or business. If you’re a developer, your client’s website might be built on WordPress as well. WordPress Admin area helps you to maintain the data of your full website. For example, we use the Widget area to add dynamic content in your sidebar, header, or footer. 

How to Customize WordPress Dashboard?

If you’ve found the appearance or functionality of the dashboard of WordPress to be limited, you might want to consider using a custom WordPress dashboard plugin. This allows you to create much more personalized dashboards which are perfect for your specific needs. While the front-end is customizable, the backend is as well. 

WP Adminify is a powerful plugin that lets users have a totally redesigned WordPress dashboard. The plugin also can add unique features to enhance your operations. Let’s dive into the following modules that are available within WP Adminify.  Let’s jump into what you need to customize WordPress Dashboard. You can try the Free WP Adminify from WordPress plugin repo.

WP Adminify Light and Dark Mode

With WP Adminify you can customize your admin column in-depth. The default WordPress dashboard doesn’t give much opportunity to do this. WP Adminify lets you add, edit and delete columns from your posts, posts types, pages, and taxonomies on the dashboard. It also lets you add new columns if required.

Dashboard Menu Editor

If you’re looking for some variety in the WordPress dashboard, try using Adminify to spice things up. It lets you edit existing menu item names while adding icons for a bit of flair.

From 2000+ icons, you can pick whichever one captures your attention. You can make the menus and customize them all the way down to the bottom with total freedom.

The plugin enables you to customize the sub-menus with the additional feature of importing, exporting, and resetting menu options. Based on your selection, it can also designate user roles as well as set permissions for various settings.

Disable WordPress Admin Notice

Turns out there is a way to disable admin notices – just take a look at the module settings and turn off all notice in one click. You can remove the welcome widget from your dashboard. It moved all plugins, and themes notice into a specific “Notice” page under the dashboard menu.

Admin Column

In a regular WordPress dashboard, you just have the default admin column without much scope for customization. With WP Adminify, you can customize the admin column exactly as you prefer. WP Adminify lets you manage columns on your dashboard for posts, post types, pages & taxonomies. You can also add, edit or delete them as needed.

Dashboard and Welcome Widget

Easily create a custom WordPress widget in your dashboard. You can customize the Welcome Widget to suit your needs. There are multiple types of content types called text, icon, video, shortcode, RSS feed. You can customize the welcome widget using Elementor or other page builders too.

post type and Media folder library plugin

The WP Adminify plugin, among other useful features, includes the ability to organize your content using “folders.” This makes it much more user-friendly by providing a familiar interface for organizing your site’s information.

WP Adminify lets you add folders to the Media Library, where you can keep your photos in manageable categories. Along with that, the plugin also offers an infinite number of colored folders for better organization. You can add photos by dragging them to these folders.

Admin Pages Module

You can now create parent and sub-pages under the dashboard menu item. For example, you want to create a page with instructions for your portfolio menu item. It can be done easily with WP Adminify Admin Page module.

There are several ways for you to customize your menu. For example, there is an option for custom CSS & JS code. With these, you can make any changes that please you

Post type order plugin

The WP Adminify module enables you to order any post type, page. You can use it to reorder your posts on demand. Some user likes to keep important pages at the top, but in WordPress, it showcases all pages in publish date. If you want to order your page or post type then you should use the WP Adminify Post type order module.

WordPress Login Customizer

Customize your login page with 16 pre-built cool templates. But don’t worry, you can also create your own design from scratch.

The plugin enables you to adjust the login page logo, color, typography until it perfectly fits your needs. You can also upload any picture, video, or slideshow onto the site.

Additionally, you’ll be able to customize the login form and its layout in order to cut down on any inevitable boredom. You can customize login error message, placeholder, label text as you need.

Activity Logs plugin

One of the best ways to know what’s going on with your website is to track & monitor everything using Activity log module. You’ll gain better visibility into user activity, plus you can always keep an eye on your to-do list.

These features will allow you to review changes to plugins, themes, and widgets. Filtering options allow you to filter time periods, types of modifications, categories of modifications that were made, and objects that acted on the modification

Want to offer your user a customized message with a customizable button on it? You can try out the Notification Bar feature of WP Adminify. It enables you to place a notification bar at the top or bottom of your website.  You can now create notifications that will be displayed with different sizes and for different devices. This way you will be able to give visitors the conversion message that is most suitable for them and lead to more sales/purchases.


Most of the features on WP Adminify are well-covered by it. Apart from that, it delivers a smooth user experience and allows you to control how new themes & plugins are live without any hassle whatsoever.

WP Adminify is a small, lightweight WordPress plugin that allows for quick and easy customization. It has virtually no cluttered code or scripts and provides a slick experience that’s easy to use and gives you limitless possibilities.

WordPress already provides a smooth and engaging experience, but WP Adminify offers a much more stable & customized experience.

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