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5+ Elementor Filterable Gallery Plugin to Create Beautiful Image Galleries

As a website owner, you can not but look for an easy way to build beautiful galleries for your visitors. If you are in search of a great heavy-duty plugin that will help you to work with clients or sell images, then you are right in the track. Today, we are with a list of best Elementor Filterable Gallery Plugin. Hopefully, our recommended plugins will let you get the right WordPress image gallery plugin.

As you can make your choice at ease, I’ve made a research to let you know seven of the best WordPress image gallery plugins. In this article, you’ll not only know the plugins, you’ll know more about these features and functionality.

Let’s dive into the list!

1. Master Addons Image Gallery

Master Addons Image Gallery is an Elementor filterable gallery that lets you showcase beautiful photos on your website elegantly. The plugin comes with many useful features. You can progressively customize its functionality. No doubt, Image Gallery is highly efficient for e-markets. More importantly, it is very easy to use. Therefore, you can hope for the best image gallery support with this plugin. With its eye-catchy design, the Image Gallery plugin will surely beautify your website. That is to say, this filterable gallery bootstrap will help you to create photo galleries easily and quickly in WordPress.

Master Addons Image gallery

Some beneficial points of Master Addons Image Gallery:

  • User-friendly.
  • Dramatically Target.
  • Woo-Commerce -Support.
  • Elementor Filterable Image Gallery.
  • Image Gallery Without Filter.
  • Image Gallery Without Title.

2. NextGEN Gallery Plugin

NextGEN Gallery is a top-rated and feature-rich WordPress image gallery plugin. The plugin is mostly suitable for heavy-duty users. Especially for photographers. When you are looking for advanced features, this is such a great plugin to use. For example, the plugin lets you create shortcodes as well as do image management. Plus, here you’ll be able to sell your images. Thus, NextGEN Gallery is one of the best filterable image gallery plugin to use. We can claim it because, according to wordpress.org, NextGEN Gallery is active on over 900,000 sites!

WordPress Gallery Plugin – NextGEN Gallery

You’ll get its free version easily at WordPress.org. Let’s make a taste with it. Although, its features are slightly limited. Here you’ll get three gallery styles. Including:

  1. Image browser
  2. Slideshow
  3. Thumbnail

On the other hand, while you are on with the Pro version, you can enjoy a lot more styles. For instance, it offers masonry, mosaic, filmstrip, and so on.

The premium version not only let you just creating galleries, you’ll get more advanced applications here. For example:

  • Client proofing
  • Selling digital downloads.

Heavy-duty image management available. Upload via FTP instead of via the WordPress dashboard.

Get the Pro version only at $79.

3. Photo Gallery by 10Web

Photo Gallery by 10Web plugin offering top quality service. The plugin lets you enjoy more functionality to supercharge your image gallery build up experience.

Photo Gallery by 10Web offers both free at WordPress.org and pro version.

The free version of Photo Gallery by 10Web is limited in its functionality.

Photo Gallery by 10Web – Mobile-Friendly Image Gallery

You will get the gallery layouts like:

  • Thumbnails
  • Slideshow
  • Image Browser

Moreover, you’ll also get some useful backend performance options in the free version. For instance, you will enjoy lazy loading, adding watermarks, and image preloading for the lightbox images here.

Plus, while in the Pro version, you’ll get more stylish layouts. Including, masonry and mosaic. Along with the new styles, you’ll get many useful features. Including:

  • Social media sharing buttons.
  • Instagram integration-ready with automatic import.
  • More lightbox options.
  • Support for video galleries.
  • Instagram images available into a gallery.

What’s more, the plugin is an e-commerce add-on. So, you can sell your images.

If you go pro, you have to pay just $30. Whereas, you’ll need to pay $100 for getting the e-commerce configuration.

4. Modula Image Gallery

If you want to create a beautiful gallery plugin, then Modula Image Gallery will help you indeed. This is a simple WordPress filterable gallery plugin offering great features.

Although, Modula Image Gallery doesn’t come with advanced image management features, but you’ll get here something like NextGEN Gallery. Notably, you will get an excellent mosaic gallery within just 30 seconds as you install it. I think the most convincing function of Modula Image Gallery is its galleries look fresh by default, either in pro or in the free version. You can see here how a gallery looks like in Modula with its default settings. Along with this, you can watch its more stylish look than most other plugins.

Modula Image Gallery

What’s more, while you need to switch things up, you have a settings area. The settings area lets you customize:

  • Change sizing, lightbox, and layout options.
  • Captions available.
  • Offers loading and hover effects.

This above description is all about the free version. Apart from this, you can use the Pro version of the Modula Image Gallery. Its price starts at $39. In the pro version, the plugin tends to add:

  • Ajax filterable galleries.
  • Built-in image CDN via StackPath. Plus, optimization via ShortPixel.
  • Lightbox styles and hover/loading effects.
  • Support unlimited images in a gallery. However, the free version support only 20 images per gallery.

Although Modula Image Gallery doesn’t include some heavy-duty configurations such as client proofing or eCommerce, But apart from these, ModulaImage Gallery should meet your all necessity in the image gallery.

5. Envira Gallery

Envira Gallery is another famous filterable gallery bootstrap plugin. It comes with the style of the ModulaImage Gallery. Plus, the plugin includes the advanced features of the NextGEN Gallery. Like many other plugins, the Envira Gallery includes a limited free version at WordPress.org. Plus, if you want to get some other extra functionality, Envira has its premium version as well. (Envira Premium starts from $29 and explores up to $299. The price depends on the functionality you need to use. Plus, depending on how many sites you need to get Envira Gallery on).

Gallery Plugin for WordPress – Envira Photo Gallery

The plugin has backend functionality which is very simple. All you need to do just choose the image you want to use. You may choose images from the WordPress Media Library otherwise from an external source. As this is done, you can customize many settings as you wish.

Besides, in the premium version, you’ll get more functionalities. For example:

  • Social sharing functions.
  • WooCommerce ready. So, you can sell photos
  • Client proofing available to help you work with clients.
  • Album functionality.
  • Video galleries.
  • Watermarking.
  • Image deep-linking.

Lightroom integration available. So, you can create and sync galleries straight from your Adobe Lightroom collections.

Instagram integration available. So, you can import images from Instagram.

That is to say, Envira Gallery offers all necessary extensions. And this plugin is not only a single pro version but also a nice modular approach to keeps your functions easy to use.

6. Photo Gallery by Supsystic

Photo Gallery by Supsystic is a freemium (free+premium) well-rated plugin. It comes with many advanced features.

Photo Gallery by Supsystic

This plugin lets you enjoy lots of excellent pre-made gallery templates. Photo Gallery by Supsystic free version offers:

  • Masonry gallery
  • Rounded gallery
  • Standard grid gallery
  • What’s more, you’re going to get many more useful features in the free version. Following are:
  • Lazy loading.
  • Lightbox support.
  • Social share button available.

TinyPNG integration available that helps you optimize images nicely.

Moreover, the backend settings area incorporates numerous options. And you’ve controlling options.

Also, you can import gallery images from your own Media Library.

Again, its premium version offers support for videos. Plus, you have the option to add other internal and external image sources.


  • FTP server
  • Facebook
  • Flickr
  • Tumblr
  • Google Drive
  • In order to get more gallery styles, such as:
  • Caption Builder.

Load More button.

Image deep-linking.

Frontend Ajax category filters.


You’ll get Photo Gallery by Supsystic Pro version from $39.

7. FooGallery WordPress Image Gallery Plugin

Like all other recommended plugins in our guide, FooGallery is also a freemium WordPress gallery plugin. This plugin will help you to get beautiful galleries. Even while you are using the free version at WordPress.org, the plugin won’t dissatisfy you. Although, this is not a heavy-duty eCommerce plugin, but it can make a beautiful front-facing gallery. Notably, you will get many advanced features within it. For example, infinite scroll, lazy loading, advanced pagination, and so on.

WordPress Gallery Plugin – FooGallery

The backend interface lets you upload your images right at the top. Plus, you can customize its settings with just a simple meta box. More importantly, FooGallery WordPress Image Gallery Plugin has lightbox functionality. If you want to get it, then you have to install the separate FooBox plugin.

Luckily, it is totally free at WordPress.org! Another great thing to know about it is, you can create masonry galleries. (Even in the free version!) Whereas many other plugins offer masonry galleries only in paid version.

If you go pro version of FooGallery WordPress Image Gallery Plugin, then it will support for:

  • Frontend filtering for galleries with categories.
  • Lots of gallery templates and styles.
  • Infinite scroll.
  • Loading effects available.
  • Video galleries supported.
  • Eleven hover effect presets available.

FooGallery Premium version starts at $49.

Let’s Wrap Up:

As you have read the whole article, surely now you are able to choose from our list. I hope your web-building experience will be more fruitful with Elementor filterable gallery plugin.

If you are still in hesitation, or if you have questions, then we are waiting eagerly to reply to you. Please feel free to ask anything below!

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