Best WordPress Image Optimizer Plugin To Speed Up Website

Have you ever wanted to use the Best WordPress Image Optimizer Plugin for your website?

Research shows that 53% of viewers leave your site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

In this way, sometimes users may face a frustrating situation like a slow load. As a result, they might switch to another site. Or you may need to reset your entire website and start from the beginning. 

What really slows down your site? Mainly, Images and other large files are responsible for this. You could simply ignore images, but images are still important to make your site attractive to users. Also, you can start subscriber collection by using email newsletter plugins

Fortunately, the WordPress image optimizer plugin allows you to optimize images so that they take up limited space, preserve the image quality while also increasing your site’s performance.

When it comes to WordPress image optimizer plugins, There are plenty of premium and free quality options available. If you don’t want to spend an extra budget on image optimizers, then there are some best free image optimizer WordPress plugins for you.

So to help you find the best among hundreds of options, we’re going to curate a list of the top 7 best WordPress image optimizer plugins to use in 2021 including details of their features, interfaces, and more. Also, I recommend you to check some best themes for elementor

Then, stay with us till the end to pick the best plugin for you!

Why should use WordPress Image Optimizer plugin?

You should use the image optimization plugin while managing too many pictures on your site. Because one single high-quality image has a large size and takes up a big space. And if you use too many high-quality images on your site then it won’t load faster.

If your website takes too much time to load then users will navigate away from it. And that will cause your site to rank lower on search engines. But you must use required images on your site because an image engages users more than long content.

In this case, using an image optimizer plugin can solve this problem. These plugins lessen the size of your website images without changing the image quality and speed up the performance of your site. You just need to find the perfect image optimizer plugin to optimize images.

Smush (Free+Premium)

Smush – Lazy Load Images

Image optimization is the best technique to have your website load super fast! And Smush is one of the most popular image optimizers that automatically compresses images without a noticeable fall in quality.

The plugin prepares GIFs, JPEGS, and PNGs on very fast servers to clear up your resources without changing your performance.

Some image compression mechanisms destroy images with a great loss in quality. Smush removes unnecessary large data from images and decreases file size before uploading to the media library.

Smush thoroughly scans each and every image you upload or have previously uploaded to your website. You can also activate a wrong size image finder so that your images will be highlighted with smart suggestions to be sized.

This plugin is also compatible with major Themes, Page Builders, and Media Library Plugins.
Smush includes various features all in the whole package, including the following. 

Smush has a clean, modern, and easy-to-use interface that has elements to optimize both old and new photos.

EWWW Image Optimizer (Free)

If you say “Ewww..” because of oversized photos then this plugin is for you!

It is another incredible image optimizer plugin that instantly and automatically optimizes any images that you upload including previously uploaded images.

This plugin works to make your site faster, boost up the site’s bounce rate, and improve your SEO. It satisfies your visitors so they keep coming back to your site for more.

Additionally, EWWW offers JPG, PNG, GIF, and PDF optimization. Most importantly, there are zero limits on file sizes and the number of images uploaded.

You don’t need an account or sign up to use EWWW. If you are interested to enjoy some extra features then you can register to receive the API key.

The main benefit is that it has Comprehensive Coverage so that no image gets left behind.

Moreover, all communications are protected with the best SSL encryption.

EWWW IO is the only plugin that allows you to compress photos utilizing tools on your own server.

EWWW comes with several features including:

Overall EWWW is one of the Best free WordPress image optimizer for compressing images.

ShortPixel Image Optimizer (Free+Premium)

ShortPixel Image Optimizer is a freemium, easy to use, lightweight, well-built, routinely updated image optimization plugin. It is a unique plugin because it compresses both image and PDF documents with a single click!

This plugin helps you to develop SEO ranking, number of visitors, and eventually your sales. It uses the least resources and operates properly with any received, cloud, VPS, or committed web hosting.

ShortPixel compresses both lossy and lossless images. It also offers especially designed glossy JPEG compression which is an exclusive lossy optimization algorithm. It is compatible with watermarking plugins, WPML and WPML Media plugins, and so on. Also integrates with Gravity Forms post image field type.

Moreover, this plugin uses progressive JPEG for larger images in order to speed up the image display.

Only 100 images can be optimized in the free version.

Some amazing features of this plugin:

Beginners can easily use this plugin because no coding or technical knowledge is required to use this. Thus, ShortPixel is considered as one of the best WordPress image compression plugins for beginners. 

Robin image optimizer (Free+Premium)

Robin image optimizer is a free and sustainable plugin with no limitations in terms of the number of photos and compression quality.

This image optimizer plugin can clear up image weights by 80% without ruining quality. But image weight should not exceed 5 MB.

This plugin allows you to control compression mode (e.g. normal, regular, high) which affects image weight and quality. The higher compression results in worse quality and smaller weight.

Before optimization starts, this plugin stores all images in primary quality. Then, After completing optimization you can revive lost pictures or re-optimize them in better quality.

Robin image optimizer optimizes several images every several minutes in the background. As a result, you don’t have to wait until optimization is completed.

Furthermore, it is completely free and has equal features as paid plugins. Such as: (Free)

The next plugin that comes in our list is This is a free image optimization plugin offering plenty of useful options.

Fortunately, you can optimize your pictures with just two clicks. And, the plugin optimizes newly uploaded images immediately. Plus, this plugin offers image size reduction with different special algorithms. You can get your JPG, PNG or GIF files optimized by it.

Great news is, 400,000+ sites based on different CMS are using Again, this API allows you not to view some images of the optimizer.

However, image optimizer for WordPress is not capable of optimizing 5MB+ image files.

Now, we will note some important features of this plugin:

Thus, you can upgrade your image optimization experience upto your expected level.

Imagify (Free)

Imagify is another most advanced and excellent plugin that upgrades your site’s speed without affecting the image quality. It also allows you to use its advanced features directly in WordPress. This plugin is able to optimize all images: jpgs, pngs, pdfs, and gifs whether they are animated or not.

The plugin comes with 3 levels of image compression (Normal, Aggressive, and Ultra) and can also convert your images to WebP. The best part of the plugin is that it is compatible with WooCommerce and NextGen gallery.

With the backup option, you can restore your pictures to their initial version or compress them to different compression levels.

Imagify is frequently updated with brand-new features and it is a widespread plugin with more than 300,000 installations.

Features that you can enjoy in imagify:

Image optimization & Lazy Load by Optimole (Free+Premium)

Last but not the least, Optimole is an all-in-all solution to the WordPress image optimization experience. It is considered one of the best image optimizer plugins for WordPress that you can use to minimize your image’s size without reducing the quality.

Our list would be incomplete without Optimole. This plugin is a popular choice with over 60,000 active installations.

Optimole is an excellent plugin that is fully cloud-based and delivers optimized images rapidly without overloading the site server. It also applies lazy load for displaying images.

Optimole easily cleans up your bulky images and slow pages. Moreover, with the set-and-forget image feature of optimole, you’ll be able to focus on other viewpoints of your website.

It has a range of evolutionary features. And, with plenty of best premium WordPress image optimizer features, you can go on straight out of the box.

Wrapping Up: Undoubtedly, the image optimizer plugins for WordPress are a great option for your site to improve its speed and performance. The better the plugin is, it can reduce your image’s size without reducing its quality. 

So, you should be more selective while picking up one image optimizer WordPress plugin. In our review, we have tried to note down the best options for you. 

Hopefully, you have already selected the best WordPress image optimizer plugin 2021 for you. If you are still in doubt, let us know in the comment box below.

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