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How to Import Elementor Template into WordPress- Step By Step

How to Import Elementor Template

This question has been asked to our support forum numerously by our users that how they can import Elementor templates. The major problem happens for this reason that the users don’t import templates to the right location. Rather they engage in the “Upload Theme” option. To solve your problem, today we are here to fix it totally. Though some other tutorials are ready to solve these issues, but we’ve come with a guide so that you can get a fresh way to set on.

In fact, Master Addons for Elementor will give you access to great looking templates importer. Let’s start the guide and get on to Template Importer. 

You can take a look at 100+ Elementor Addons collection post to download some free awesome asset for your website.

Getting on to your page

First of all, you have to go to the page you likeEdit Page in WordPress to get the Elementor templates. Get on to your WordPress dashboard and click on ‘Pages’. Then, get into the ‘All Pages’ tab.

scroll down to the page where you need to get the Elementor template plus push the ‘edit’ button.

Visual Editor section

After opening the template, you will see a big blue button named ‘Edit With Elemetor’. If you click here, it’d drive you to the Elementor Visual Editor. Edit With Elementor Button

The other method you can do this is to immediately move to the page you need to edit (If it’s already existing and assuming you’re logged in to your WordPress admin). Then, expose the very ‘Edit With Elemetor’ link at the top navigation bar.

( If you’re paying attention, you can see the same button on Process One.)

Elementor Template Library button.

Currently, you’re on the Elementor Visual Editor. Here you can see a category that comes with a plus icon and a folder icon on your page. Hover your mouse over the folder icon.Add Template Folder Button

As this is done, an interface will soon pop up and you’d find numbers of ‘Blocks’ and ‘Page’ templates available out there. Surprisingly, one doesn’t even require to download it!

Import Template Library. 

Yes, of course, you are here to know how to import or upload your desired template! To do so, you have to on the interface of your template library find you can get the upload icon at the top (the up arrow icon) and dive into this.

Thus, you will be able to import the template panel.

Elementor Template importer

While you’re operating Windows, reach the folder of your downloaded Template file and pull it to this area. Anyway, point out that your file has to be a JSON or a ZIP file. Nothing more, nothing less!

If you want an easier way, then you may get into the ‘Select File’.

The last cope

Stay for a few moments (relying on your Internet speed of course), and after the loading has finished, get on the ‘My Templates’ tab and scroll to the bottom of the page to notice the Elementor templates which was just uploaded. Their names should be obvious!

Hover your mouse over the ‘Insert’ button. As this, the template will instantly be imported to the Elementor Visual Editor.

Import Elementor Template in one click

This is all about how you can import the elementor template. I hope you could understand the process and can do it now easily.

Master Addons Template Importer

Master Addons for Elementor comes with numbers of add-ons or widgets. Here a pre-built template or section template library is ready. To import the element template, you can use this template importer button for the Responsive WordPress theme. You’ll get many ready-to-use website templates with this. You just need to import a website template and once imported you can edit the content. Here you go! Launch your website right now.

The website templates will let design your site very easily and quickly. Master Addons Template Importer has some features like:

Master Addons Template Library

Lots of Pre-built pages are ready to set. For example, you can set the homepage, services, and contact page, and many more.

  • 100% Responsive.
  • Built with Elementor page builder.
  • Easy drag & drop editing option.
  • Rapidly import contents.

Let's Wrap Up

As you have done with the tutorial, you should be able to import the Elementor template library. Plus, Master Addons Template Importer is there to help you supercharge your site.

Thank you very much for reading the article.

If you still have more questions, then feel free to ask us below.

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