5 Best WordPress Backup Plugins For Website Migration

Migrating your website manually can be a much lengthy and troublesome process. To do it manually, you need to follow several steps for a successful movement. If any mistake is made at any step, your site might look messy or missing content. To revert back your website anytime you should select the Best WordPress Backup Plugins to keep your data safe. I recommend using a lightweight theme for your website with very optimized plugins

Fortunately, there are some WordPress migration plugins available to help you avoid this problem. These plugins ease the procedure of moving your WordPress site and ensure that all the steps are performed accurately for a perfect migration without losing any information.

Nowadays, there are several free and premium plugins available in WordPress. And these plugins can be useful to reserve your site and relieve your anxiety.

And you can choose from tons of wondrous WordPress migration plugins. Today, in this article, we are heading to narrow down the top 5 best WordPress plugins that deserve your attention.

Why do you need to Migrate your website?

There are various purposes to migrate your website. If your website is built on a regional server and now it’s fit to be started, it has to be duplicated to the live server. Besides, if you operate on client websites you’ll constantly require to replicate across websites from your server onto the client-server. Or for any purpose, if you’re switching web hosts, your website also needs to be migrated over to the new host.

As a beginner, WordPress users often select hosting plans offering the least features while developing their website. But, since the website and its traffic grow, they need to select another hosting service.

Lastly, as a beginner website developer, if you build websites for a client on your server, after building you’ll have to transfer the website to the client’s server, so your website is online and available to clients.

Your website can be migrated manually, but if you are unknown with some center network arrangements, you might face some difficulties.

So, let’s take a look at the best WordPress plugin for website migration.

The following are the Best 5 Migration Plugins for WordPress in terms of features, interfaces, and pricing:

All-in-One WP Migration plugin

The All-in-One WP Migration plugin is created precisely to simply and fairly export your WordPress database, media files, plugins, comments, and themes. It also provides a find/replace feature to easily restore damaged files and connect after moving your site.
On top of that, you can select which data to “leave behind” while transferring.

This plugin creates a “bypass” into the system as a result you can modify the size of files migrated to new hosting. This technique is very handy for shared hosting users because that particular hosting plan normally controls how much you can adjust the default settings of WordPress.

This plugin is a popular choice with millions of installations and thousands of fabulous ratings and reviews.

What’s interesting about this plugin is that it has an amazing interface that gives a drag and drop option to upload your website to a different location. You can also get Find and replace features to export and it also corrects any issues while serializing.

Another beneficial feature that makes All-in-One WP Migration unique is that it is completely optimized for mobile, As a result, it is easy to backup and transfer WordPress even if you’re away from home or the office. No technical knowledge is required to use this plugin.

All-in-One WP Migration is a free plugin, although there is a pro version available at $59 for a permanent license with endless updates.

The additional features in this plugin include

The additional features in this plugin include

Duplicator is so far one of the most popular plugins with over 20 million active installations. It is a wonderful solution for migrating and backing up your WordPress site files over to a new location with zero downtime.

Duplicator includes some of the benefits like copying, moving, and cloning, along with a regular migration of a whole site. With a single click, you can decide which file to download in this plugin.

Besides, This plugin owns some simple levels for transferring all of your files onto a new server/host. It also allows you to pull a live website into a local server for extra improvement. Backups are also available in this process, with manual or automated options you can ensure your data are forever protected.

This plugin also ensures perfect migration between domains or hosts with a single click and no trouble.
Duplicator is a free plugin, although you can also get a pro version at only $49 per year. With the pro version, you can get a WordPress multisite installation.

Features that make Duplicator a great plugin:

The pro version also provides several additional features:

WPvivid Backup Plugin is an All-in-one backup & migration plugin that is specifically designed to simplify the backup and migration of your WordPress website to a new host/server.

This plugin provides backup and migration as basic features. Along with basic features, this plugin is integrating more and more fine features, such as unused images cleaner, etc.

With WPvivid Backup Plugin you can migrate a copy of your WordPress site to a new host/domain, schedule backups, export backups to direct remote storage, clear unused pictures while backing up and migrating.

You can quickly build a backup of your website choosing to back up the whole website (all databases and files), all files, or database only.

This plugin supports auto migration. It also allows you to migrate your website to a subdirectory, (e.g. from a.com to b.com, from a.com to a.com/directory, and from a.com to b.com/directory).

You can insert a schedule (every 12 hours, daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly) to drive backups automatically on the site. This plugin helps to recover your website from a backup with a single click and zero downtime.

Features that make WPvivid Backup Plugin more flexible:

The pro package will give you a variety of additional features including:

Wp Staging is one of the best premium WordPress Migration plugins for website migration and cloning. This plugin is a great choice for staging, backup, or development purposes.

WP Staging is a duplicator, staging, and backup plugin which creates an accurate clone of your whole WordPress site in seconds. But Cloning and Backup time vary depending on the size of the site.

It generates a carbon copy of your website within a subfolder or subdomain of your prime WordPress installation. The clone website covers a complete model of your database and files

This plugin performs all of the time-consuming database and file copying processes in the background. It also automatically scans the entire website & finds out all serialized links, paths and replaces them.

Even if your website runs on a low shared hosting domain, it can be cloned by WP Staging and backup plugin.

With this plugin, you can protect your site from being disrupted or unavailable due to installing risky plugin updates.

No sign-up is required to use this plugin.

Core features of WP staging:

Premium version presents several additional features such as:

Backup Guard is one of the most complete WP Migration plugins that is wrapped into combos with backup and security plugins. This plugin manages backups, migrations, and file restoration of WordPress websites.

This plugin offers the simplest technique to Restore, Transfer, and Backup your site. It allows you to backup and revive your website folders, database, or both.
With this plugin, you can backup your website as many times as you want, decide which files to backup, and restore backups whenever you need them.

It also allows you to specify how much you want to transfer and record your backups into the future. Various schedule backups are also available in Backup Guard, and you may upload or bring from Dropbox, Amazon S3, and OneDrive.

This plugin combines a full set of tools like unlimited migrations, protection, backups, and rebuilds. Emergency support is available 24 hours. It also supports multisite networks for migrating and backing up.

You don’t need to get an FTP client while importing website backups. It also sends email notifications whenever your backup is finished or migration is performed.

The feature set of Backup Guard is impressive which includes:

Pro version comes with features like:

All migration plugins are not suitable for all websites. Some of them link to cloud storage, another work on automated backups and security tools. So you need to pick the perfect one for you depending on its purpose, features, interfaces, pricing, etc.

The migration procedure usually needs a lot of time, notably when the websites have a huge database with thousands of records.

Hence, you have to be patient and careful. Never forget to create backup data before starting transferring your site!

To ease this job, We walked through the top 5 best WordPress migration plugins available in 2021 so that you can apply these marvelous WordPress migration plugins on your website.

If you have an inadequate budget then you can try some of the best free WordPress Migration plugins 2021.

Hope you like this article. If you have any queries write them down in the comment box below or use Contact Form.

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