6 Best Freemium WordPress Maintenance Mode Plugins

Looking for the best WordPress maintenance mode plugins for building or rebuilding your site? There are plenty of options out there in wordpress.org, but not all plugins will help your project perfectly.

You know how important it is to keep your website in regular maintenance and update. But while doing so, sometimes, your site ends up getting buggy for users on the front end.

This is where maintenance mode plugins come into play. These plugins inform the visitors that your website is in under construction mode and will get ready soon. You can configure a perfect email newsletter system in some following plugins too.

The maintenance mode plugin is very important for showing a user-friendly notice to your viewers rather than a broken site while website maintenance. I highly recommend you to take a full backup of your website first, while you are doing some major changes. 

Today, we are here with 6 of the best coming soon and maintenance mode WordPress plugins to use in 2022. One more thing, if you are existing Elementor users then you don’t need to use any of the plugins. Within the following video guideline you can easily create coming soon page using Elementor. 

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    Best Maintenance Mode Plugins For Elementor

    Most Important: If you are an Elementor Page builder user then you don’t need any plugins to configure a Coming Soon page. Make sure you have installed Master Addons plugin, to get more extra elements for designing your coming soon page. 

    You can design a coming soon or maintenance mode page using Elementor Canvas Page Template. Enjoy the following video and you will get it.

    What is a Maintenance Mode Plugin and why do you need it?

    A maintenance mode plugin provides pre-designed templates to present on the front page of your site before launching. It lets your visitors know that the website is in under construction mode and will be ready shortly.

    Let’s know how important a maintenance mode plugin is. Primarily, this plugin is greatly helpful if you have your domain available but the site is under maintenance. By initiating a maintenance mode page visitors will know and wait till your site is ready.

    Besides, you can even work on your website after bringing some major changes. In such cases, you may take a break from the site and put a coming soon page. If you do so it will impress your regular and new viewers and will surely stand by while e updating your site.

    Coming Soon Page by seedprod

    The Coming Soon Page, Maintenance Mode & Landing pages plugin is a highly responsive WordPress maintenance plugin that helps you to apply any of your preferred themes elegantly. 

    This plugin allows you to promptly create high-converting maintenance mode pages. It privately works on the website while viewers see a “Coming Soon” or “Maintenance Mode” page.

    With this plugin, you can develop WordPress pages without high technological skills. Additionally, this plugin often provides elegant background themes and media, labels, forms, effects, countdown timers, engaging features, icons, and more.

    On top of that, after using this plugin search engines can still present your website while coming soon mode is on. But in maintenance mode, the site will be shown unavailable to site visitors.

    What’s more, this plugin is reliable and popular among hundreds and thousands of developers. You can’t go wrong with this plugin.

    Plus, you can also use it with a multisite setup and on sites by BuddyPress plugins.  In addition to the free version, it also has Pro Version starting from $29 (one-time purchase). Take a look at some top-notch features of the best WordPress maintenance mode plugin that comes first on our list. 

    Available Free Features:

    Paid Features includes:

    WP Maintenance Mode is one of the best free WordPress maintenance mode plugins available in WordPress. This plugin provides flexible choices for colors, fonts, backgrounds, countdown timers, and readymade templates to help you to easily design excellent maintenance and coming soon pages.

    It also has a package of social media icons, contact forms, newsletter subscriptions, SEO choices, and in-built subscriber info export features. WP Maintenance Mode is compatible with multisite and properly goes with all WordPress themes.

    It helps you to create your landing and maintenance pages as effortlessly as possible and proceeds to expand your subscriber list.

    Registered users with enough admin rights have complete access to the site including the front end.

    It comes with many free features that many plugins make you pay for. Such as:

    A flexible and simple yet powerful WordPress Maintenance Mode Plugin. This plugin comes with smooth and modern maintenance page options.

    In this plugin, the interface along with the final product you build (maintenance and coming soon page), is minimalistic. It’s an ideal choice for all modern users and companies that can work avoiding any costly decorations.

    This highly flexible plugin works with all WordPress themes and provides a lot of customization choices to style the appearance and feel of your page. It also integrates with email service providers to easily interact with them and lets you receive subscriber data.
    The pro version of this plugin offers 200+ themes, 26+ IG filters, and 47+ animations to personalize your maintenance page as you wish. You can also find SEO preview and analysis tools in the Pro version.
    Using this plugin You’ll have full control over the front end of the website and can alter almost every view of the pages. It allows combining with the MailChimp API to collect emails from viewers. Moreover, it’s fully GDPR compliant. Applying Minimal, A perfect Coming Soon Page or maintenance page can be done in minutes!
    This plugin is translation-ready, extremely adjustable, and simple to boot. New developers and clients will treasure this plugin.

    IgniteUp is another simple and responsive maintenance mode plugin available in WordPress.

    This strong-featured plugin performs great irrespective of the device or browser. It helps you to build visibly attractive maintenance pages to notify visitors that the website is under construction or down for maintenance.

    This plugin comes with 7+ customizable templates, a countdown timer, contact form, and animated text. You can personalize all the segments according to your precise needs.
    IgniteUp also provides a subscription form, a preloader to improve page speed, and a choice to hide any part of the website.

    Even while maintaining the site, this plugin protects your website rankings in search engines. It also sends 503 responses to inform search engines.

    It allows Email subscription forms to receive emails and display the site to particular visitors with a hidden URL or whitelisted IP addresses.

    This 100% Mobile Responsive plugin supports almost Every WordPress Theme.

    Site offline is another responsive WordPress Maintenance Mode Plugin. Good thing is, this plugin comes with easy setup options and use. 

    This plugin has a very clean appearance on the front-end. It is a popular plugin with a good rating and more than 30k installations.

    Although it doesn’t provide any pre-made templates, you can adjust most of the things from the Settings. For templates, you have to upgrade to Pro paying $19. The pro version of this plugin supports email signup forms and integrates with MailChimp, Google Map, and 4 Social Profile.  It also provides 8 Designs Templates, 7+ Newsletter Option, 4+ Additional Pages, 500+ No. Google Fonts etc.

    Site offline works with any WordPress Theme. It also provides Countdown Timer, Logo customization, Unlimited color Scheme, Contact Info Display Option, and so on. It also supports Background Image, Cross Browser, and many more. 

    This Flexible and well-documented plugin has a very user-friendly setup. With the Live Preview option, you can see and check your maintenance page before uploading.

    This plugin is Translation Ready and allows you to build an elegant coming soon and maintenance page with a single click.

    CMP – Coming Soon & Maintenance plugin is one of the best free Maintenance Mode plugins available in WordPress. It provides all the premium features you ever wished for free.

    This plugin is super-fast,easy-to-use, and very user-friendly. You can easily build your Maintenance, Coming soon(under construction), or a Landing page using CMP plugin. You can adjust in various ways and pick a layout from readymade Themes, set custom logo and text, background media(e.g YouTube videos or images), and so on.

    It also provides subscribe form, social media icons, changing typography, colors, SEO, and many more.

    This plugin is packed with numerous free features like Whitelist/Blacklist to activate CMP only on particular pages, User Roles Management, Translation strings, custom URL Bypass, etc. This plugin also ensures no ADs.

    Moreover, It has a Custom Subscribe Form to collect Emails in the regional database, MailChimp, MailPoet, or Mailster.

    CMP plugin integrates with any WordPress Theme and on all desktop, browsers, and mobile devices.

    A website needs regular maintenance and updates. While maintaining your website, it becomes unavailable to viewers, which may affect your SEO, customer relationships, and many more.

    But with the perfect coming soon or maintenance page, you can take this as a chance to collect leads, increase your email list, and start improving customer relationships. It informs users the website is presently unavailable and prepares them for what’s new.

    A brilliant WordPress maintenance mode plugin helps you to present a custom page that is optimized for all kinds of devices and improves your WordPress SEO without any type of coding. So, we’ve noted down the top 6 best WordPress maintenance mode plugins to help you out. Any of the plugins described above can be useful as you’re building a new website or upgrading an existing one.

    When you need upgrade facilities, don’t hesitate to go for the best premium WordPress maintenance mode plugins we have mentioned.

    We hope this article helped you to find out the best WordPress coming soon and maintenance plugin as per your requirements.

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    Toggle Content
    Team Member
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