How To Disable WordPress Admin Notice For A Clean Dashboard?

Installing a number of plugins, you may have experienced excessive notifications in the WordPress Dashboard. 

WordPress shows multiple notifications on the homepage of your Dashboard by default. These notifications can inform you to activate certain plugins or update to the latest version of particular plugins. They may also notify you about upcoming WordPress releases, discounts, or other business proposals from the web studio.

These notifications can be a nuisance at times. If you ignore these notifications, they manage to accumulate and destroy your dashboard’s coziness. As a result, it becomes messy and you hardly find what you are looking for.

You can manually turn off the notification in the WP dashboard. But shortly they will pop up again. Even worse, some plugin designers remove the “close” button from notifications and they keep showing forever.

How to get rid of WordPress admin notices?

In this article, we will introduce two simple ways to get rid of WordPress admin notice once and forever. To help you out, we are going to explain how to disable admin notification with plugins and without plugins (using simple code).

How to Disable WordPress admin notice with a plugin?

WordPress is a flexible and handy CMS (Content Management System). You can insert or erase features to WP by installing or uninstalling plugins. There are thousands of plugins that can work individually on your site. The “Disable Admin Notices Module by WP Adminify” is one of them that disable admin notices individually in the WordPress Dashboard.

WordPress Dashboard Notice page

With the help of this plugin, you can disable notifications for all and individually! It operates for notifications from all plugins and WP itself.

This plugin attaches a “Hide notification forever” option under each notification in the Dashboard. By clicking on this option, you will stop seeing the notice forever. You can apply this technique to only turn off the annoying notifications that keep popping up on the homepage but important notifications will continue to work.

Besides, you can simply set the plugin to fully turn off all notifications globally. In this case, it hides WP admin notices and keeps the important update notices.

Moreover, there is a specific place in the top admin bar which gathers all the notifications in a single place. By default, this option is closed down in WordPress. But, you can turn it on through the plugin’s settings.

Key features of this plugin:

The premium version provides these features:

First, you have to download The Disable Admin Notices from the official WordPress website or right from the WordPress Dashboard. Next, Install and activate it and you’re ready to go!

Remove WordPress Admin Notices without plugins

If you have little coding knowledge and are not interested in installing any additional plugins, we suggest following this method.

Before starting, we recommend getting a full backup of WordPress. Because, if any typo happens, you can always restore WordPress to its original state. Then you are ready to follow the steps below.

You can directly use this code snippet. It can be added anywhere in the functions.php file of your active Theme. This function.php file can be accessed right through the hosting panel (cPanel) or with an FTP client.

					function hide_all_admin_notices() {
    global $wp_filter;

    // Check if the WP_Admin_Bar exists, as it's not available on all admin pages.
    if (isset($wp_filter['admin_notices'])) {
        // Remove all actions hooked to the 'admin_notices' hook.

add_action('admin_init', 'hide_all_admin_notices');


Using this code you can efficiently remove the wordpress update notice admin panel. 

In this article, we talked about the two simple ways to wordpress remove all admin notices. Once you follow the ways, you can disable annoying WordPress admin notices forever. 

Usually, there are two simple methods that allow you to disable the admin notifications. You can install a plugin or add a piece of simple code to disable them forever. It’s your choice to choose the most suitable option for you depending on your budget, coding experience, and so on.

If you are going to disable admin notifications using code, we highly recommend getting an entire backup of your WordPress site before making any changes to the core files. You have to be very careful while adding code to your WordPress. In case anything goes wrong while coding, you can always restore WordPress to its original state.

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