What’s New in Master Addons v1.7.0 update ?

We hope you are enjoying the Master Addons plugin. Thank you all for the 30k+ active installation.

Master Addons plugin comes with a huge update this time. We recommend you follow the update issues guide first. Make sure you have done a backup of your website.

Table of Contents
    Add a header to begin generating the table of contents

    Page Style Broken Issue

    We’ve recoded each element and extension for better performance. Are you facing that your page style is not working after the update?

    Then just edit your page with elementor and do any changes like adding a space inside your title or text. Then click on the update button. It will solve your issues.

    If you are still facing problems then please create a support topic here. We will take care of your problem and solve it ASAP. Scroll down and you will understand how to register on our Forum and create topic. 

    Introducing Support Forum

    We used to respond to your query via email and social media before. But now we’ve created a dedicated support forum for you. If you face any problem, then we recommend you create a support topic first. Our dedicated support team will reach you as fast as possible. Let me show you how to login Master Addons to create a topic. 

    Master Addons Support Forum

    Master Addons PRO Users Support Login

    If you are a pro user of Master Addons, then you already got the login credentials via email. Search inside your inbox and I hope you will get the password there. Just use the login email and password to log in and create your topic. The credentials emails structure looks like the following screenshot. 

    Master Addons pro license key user and pass

    In case if you have deleted your email then you can reset it anytime. I explained the password reset step in the following “Free users support login” section. Check that out and reset your password.

    Master Addons Free Users Support Login

    You must use your Master Addons plugin installed email. Login to your website dashboard, navigate to settings>General. You will see your email ID there.

    Now it’s time to reset your password. This method works for both free and pro users. Apply this same way to reset your pass anytime.

    Just click on this link or click on the login button from the Master Addons menu, then click on Lost password. It will redirect you to the reset password page, Just enter your email and check your inbox. You will get all the necessary info to reset your password via email.

    Master Addons Reset Password

    After resetting your Password, you can easily login to Master Addons website and create support topic. 

    User Control Panel

    After login into Master Addons website, You will get a bunch of necessary menus under your account. You can post your problems in the forum, Manage licenses, Downloads easily. You can track how many websites are running from your Master Addons account. You can remove unwanted sites from your license manager page too.

    Master Addons necessary options

    Master Addons Version 1.7.0 Changelogs

    We have done so many changes in Master Addons 1.7.0, that it’s impossible to explain within a post. If you like to see what we’ve done so far then please check the Master Addons changelogs page. We’ve mentioned each detail about our fix and update there. Let me explain some major system and element updates here.

    Table of contents Element

    We’ve developed the Table of Contents elements a long ago. But somehow it was not perfect for users. Many of you messaged us that you are facing a problem while configuring the TOC element.

    Finally, the wait is over and we’ve fixed every single issue of this element. Now just drag and drop this Table of content elements and design it on your way. As a example, you can take a look at this post table of content. This is done by Master Addons TOC element. 

    100% RTL Supports

    Somehow we missed this part but now Master Addons is 100% RTL ready including the options panel, and elements. If you face any problems while working on RTL then don’t forget to create a support topic in our forum.

    Swiper Slider Configuration

    Master Addons team configured swiper slider for all carousel systems in different elements. This slider addon provides huge customization possibilities to the user, and you can design your slider or carousel differently. To check the modern carousel system, you can play with the Team carousel element. 

    Re coded for better performance

    As I’ve mentioned before that we’ve done a huge re-code for the entire plugin. We’ve removed bootstrap from this 1.7.0 version and now Master Addons is fully compatible with any theme or plugin. We rebuilt the plugin structure and minimize the code. 

    If still there are any issues that we’ve skipped, please feel free to explain them via our Support Forum. We will be very happy to get issues from you and it will help us to make Master Addons better.

    Master Addons Demos


    Animated Headlines
    Dual Heading
    Gradient Headline


    Image Hover Effects
    Image Hotspot
    Filterable Image Gallery
    Image Comparison
    Gallery Slider
    Advanced Image


    Advanced Accordion
    Toggle Content
    Team Member
    Team Slider
    Business Hours
    Pricing Table
    Restrict Content
    Dynamic Table

    Special Elements

    Call to Action
    Progress Bar
    Progress Bars
    Creative Button
    Creative Links
    News Ticker
    Table of Contents
    Current Time
    Domain Search
    Nav Menu
    Counter Up
    Countdown Timer


    Animated Gradient BG
    Reading Progress Bar
    Background Slider
    Custom CSS
    Custom JS
    Container Extras
    Mega Menu
    Entrance Animation
    Display Conditions
    Dynamic Tags
    Floating Effects
    Custom Breakpoints
    Post/Page Duplicator
    Wrapper Link

    Contact Form

    Contact Form 7
    Ninja Form
    WP Forms
    Gravity Forms
    Caldera Forms