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How To Create Team Members Section Using Master Addons On WordPress Page

Create Team Member Page in WordPress

A website does not look authentic unless you show the face behind it. Showing the faces of the people behind the scenes builds trust. No matter what the industry is, a good business website should have a “meet the team” page.

A great business is made by its great team members, so you shouldn’t back down while introducing each of your team members to your website. Every person working in your company holds the same information as your company itself. You can take a look at our Team Member Documentation article too. 

What should you know about “The Team” Page?

The first question is how should you optimally design a “meet the team” page?

If you are including the pictures of the employees, the name should be right beside or under the picture. Anyone looking at the image should know what each of the person’s names is.

Next comes the designation. For example, if they are the manager of your company, you should put “manager” as their designation, if they do some special type of job, you can put an additional description. One of the bonus things you should include is this social media account links. So, anyone who wants to know them personally can go to this social media account.

[Before working with our following steps make sure you have installed Master Addons Plugin in your Website.]

Team Member & Team Carousel

We have developed two types of addon for Team Member Page. "MA Team Member" will help you to add single team member in column. "MA Team Member Carousel" allow you to add unlimited team member within a row and it will slide. You should check out the demo first to realize the difference.

Content Drawer Team Carousel

So, how do you exactly make a meet the team page using Master Addon Plugin For Elementor?

What if I told you, you could have a readymade widget panel and other commonly used web page elements? They are very much possible.
You can choose a standardized team member card, which is nothing but the separate section to insert information for each of your employees, such as the name, designation and their picture. You can fill up multiple of these team member cards very easily.

Team Member in Elementor

Inner Section under Main Section

First insert a section from your Elementor Page editor. Then insert an inner section within the main section. Now think how many team members you like to showcase within a single row. Then create multiple columns in the inner section.

4 columns in inner section

Team Member and Carousel Element Widget:

Now scroll down in elements and search for “MA Team Member” addon. You will get this within MASTER ADDONS element tab. Besides Team Member you can see Team Members Carousel too. If you plan to insert a carousel then you don’t need to create an inner section at the first step. 

Team Member and Carousel Element

Adding a carousel is very easy. Just need to drag and drop the Team Member carousel Element. You will see multiple team member list and just replace the content and image. 

Adding Team Member Element 

Just drag this addon to your inner column. Then add a name, Designation, description, and social media. You can do all of these from the content tab of “MA Team Member” element. Don’t forget to add social media links if need.

Inserting Team Member in Inner Column

Team Member Style

Just click on “Style” tab and control typography, background color, text color yourself. There are 10+ Design Variations of team member. You are free to change variation anytime. It will not lose any single content but adjust with your preferred variation automatically.

Team Member Style

That’s it about Team Member info. Now it’s your turn in check all of the options and create a unique Team Member page for your Website. 

Now let’s see how to configure Team Member Carousel.

For adding Team Member Carousel you don’t need to insert inner section. Just drag and drop the “MA Team Members Carousel” element then insert the info of your team members.

Team Members Carousel Contents 

You can add as much as Team Member you need for your carousel. Then define the title tag for your team member. 

Team Members Carousel Contents

Carousel Setting:

Define how many Columns you want and Items to Scroll. There are two types of Navigation style, one is arrow and another is dot. If you need autoplay then just enable the option and set your duration.

Team Members Carousel Settings

Carousel Style:

There is a total of 5 Style Preset. Use Item Padding option if you need to space in each team member. Also, you are free to select typography and color for all team metadata.

Team Members Carousel Style and Preset

This is how you can add both Team Member and Team Member Carousel in your “Team” page. If you have any problem then feel free to contact us. Use the live chat option and we will help you to solve your problem.

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