5 Best Table Of Contents Plugin For Any WordPress Page Builder

For any long and detailed blog, a table of contents plays a very vital role. You will get the best table of contents plugin info inside this article. A table of contents is a simple and effective setup to organize your content and let users have a quick summary of all contents. Besides, the table gives a direct link to the specific content of your article.

Table of contents is the core of data for visitors. Visitors don’t enjoy having a tough time finding what they are looking for on any website.

Adding a table of contents to your website helps your website look more professional and makes navigation user-friendly. On top of that, it’ll improve your SEO ranking and surely push more traffic to your website.

It might sound like a lot of work to add a TOC but thanks to some helpful plugins, that makes this process effortless and simple. As a result, adding a TOC can be fulfilled within seconds.

There’s no lack of choices for TOC plugins available on WordPress, but some of them work better than others. You can’t change a TOC plugin again and again, select the best table of contents plugin first so that you don’t have to worry later. 

Here are the top 5 best WordPress Table Of Contents plugins to use in 2021 we’ve presented for you to pick the best option for you. Various plugins work better in various circumstances.

List of Top 5 Best WP Table Of Contents Plugins:

Best Table Of Contents Plugin

The Easy Table of Contents works as it’s named. It easily generates TOC for any blogs, articles, and custom posts by parsing its contents for headers. And gives you the choice to determine when and where the TOC works.

The Easy Table of Contents can also be included in a sidebar with a widget. This plugin allows smooth and quick scrolling and lets users highlight segments already available on the page.

Several genuinely excellent customization options are also available in this plugin. You can apply themes to your TOCs, and create your theme with a custom edge, framework, and link colors. You have also a choice between decimal, numeric, roman, or none for your bullet setup.

The Easy Table of Contents is a popular choice with more than 2000 installations and has a concrete rating of 4.6. It is one of the most popular because of its high-level functionality that provides customization. Zero coding knowledge is required to use this plugin.

This developer-friendly plugin works with Elementor, WPBakery Page Builder, and Visual Composer page editors.

You can select to present the TOC hierarchical or not. That implies headings of lower priority will be embedded beneath headings of higher priority.

Let us know some features of the WordPress Table Of Contents plugin:

Smush has a clean, modern, and easy-to-use interface that has elements to optimize both old and new photos.

LuckyWP Table of Contents is an independent plugin which means it is not a branch of any other Table of contents plugin. It is a quite reliable and easy-to-use TOC plugin.

LuckyWP is an easy to install table of contents plugin. It puts a neat grey and black, SEO-friendly table of contents case at the top of the post, pages, or custom post types. The plugin has a great customizable appearance.

Though LuckyWP is not installed as much as Easy Table Contents mentioned before, it has an awesome five-star rating.

The plugin works with Classical and Gutenberg editors and grants automatic insertion of TOCs depending on headings and the option to prepare posts models and settings.

Most importantly, the code for all TOCs is immediately available for use by Google parts on results pages. You can choose to display a linear or hierarchical view.

You can get some cool customization options in this plugin. It gives users options between linear or hierarchical layout views and more granular editing elements like the title, font sizes, width, colors, items font size, and more all from the control panel.
Moreover, You can choose from four primary color designs for TOC: dark, light, transparent, and white. Plus, this plugin is compatible with various page builders like Elementor Page Builder, Beaver Builder, 
WPBakery Page Builder, Oxygen etc. 

Available features on LuckyWP:

Smush has a clean, modern, and easy-to-use interface that has elements to optimize both old and new photos.

With a modest 9,000 installations and a firm 4.5-star rating, this plugin focuses on composition and comfort of use. It also proposes a real-time preview for TOCs so that you can observe what your TOC will look like before applying it.

It also helps you to customize the title and frame, select the headings it displays, modify the font of your indexes, attach animation, as well as pick the appearances for headlines, text, back buttons, margins, framework, and background.

If it’s not enough for you, the Rich Table of Contents allows more high-level settings like adjusting the button position, not including post or page ads, or restricting pages to load plugin CSS.

This plugin allows anyone to effortlessly build an elegant and efficient table of contents. Its automatic design lets you generate your TOC with one click.

Finally, It will give access to some forward settings like the facility to decide in case you want to present the TOC opened or closed, install the button to get back to the TOC.

This plugin provides some exclusive features like:

Table of Contents Plus is one of the most useful and free WordPress table of contents plugins available. With this plugin, you can easily and quickly make a precise content index or TOC for long pages and custom posts. In the default option, the TOCs will be shown before the first heading on a page, but the position can be changed by shortcode.

This plugin is designed depending on Wikipedia’s model and is perfect for content-rich site pages with long-form posts. It supports custom post types, as well as shortcodes for other pages.

It is a free plugin available in WordPress. Table of Contents is also prepared in dozens of languages and has effective shortcodes.

It serves in building many separate indexes as well as the table of contents just for the long WordPress pages. This plugin includes an admin panel where you can simply select the view layout along with several features, the amount of headings before presenting a table.

And it also allows entering leads that will shorten or chiefly organize the surplus of the page.

With higher than 300,000 active installations and a 4.5-star rating, this plugin is one of the best choices available in the market.

Available features on Table of Contents Plus:

The CM Table of Contents is an exciting table of contents plugin because of its highly customizable features. This plugin helps to create a table of contents to simply handle your website. It limits the TOC segments using headers and CSS classes.

This plugin enables users to create a TOC that can be attached to any page or post of your website. It also supports creating a multi-level TOC that is completely customizable. The plugin permits users to build a content-specific record with shortcodes.

The title, position, color, size, and many more can be chosen on multiple tables of contents. It also provides the best guide, video tutorials, and documentation for users.

An on-page navigation tool that supports child pages is available on this plugin. It simply integrates with other plugins. More advanced fashionable features, widget support, and many more can be found on the pro version.

The most unique feature is, It also offers a live demo and a styles demo, so that users can learn precisely how the plugin works.

This plugin works with some wonderful features. Such as:

Wrap UP!

Attaching a table of contents to your long posts and pages is an excellent way to easily find data and summary for your visitors, while concurrently boosting your SEO ranking.

You can improve your blogs and articles using the TOC plugins easily with a couple of clicks. Just search for and install the plugin which meets up your demand.

Which plugin you should utilize actually depends on your need from your TOC. Because different types of table of contents work in different ways. But mostly all of them create the perfect index for your content. Your particular demands should decide which plugin would be most advantageous for you.

Now we have handled the list of Top 5 Best WordPress Table Of Contents Plugins that will work great to add a table of content to your post and pages. Here all of these options will beat one another with their capacity and features.

We hope this article of top Table of Content WordPress plugins could meet your needs perfectly. We’re always happy to help you with your WordPress journey. Now it’s time to take your pick! Good Luck!

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