Elementor Icons & 4 Font Icons Library For Better Web Experience

Font icons or Default Elementor Icons are an integral part of modern web design. On a newly built website, Font icons make your content vividly attractive. 

It also increases the conversion rate of traffic to active prospects who actually pay attention to your site. Hence, the importance of font icons can’t be described in words only.  

However, if you are using elementor, things will get much easier for you. Elementor offers a wide range of font icons library and some of them are totally free of charge.

In this article today, we will learn about five font icons library including the Elementor icons library. 

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    What Font or Elementor Icons Library?

    Font icons library like Iconic, Linear, Simple Line allows you to access over huge icons. With elementor, you can also have a user-friendly interface to manage these icons. 

    Elementor Icons allows you to group different icons, upload icons in SVG formats, and use them in your webpages.

    An icon library in elementor also benefits you in different ways. It boosts your page speed and privileges your SEO with a faster loading speed. Once you have used a font icon library, you will know the difference in your website. 

    Now we will talk about Master Addons elementor icons library manager.

    Elementor Icons library for editor

    Why Need Extra Elementor Icons?

    You may have questions about why the extra Elementor icons are so necessary? Well, there are lots of reasons behind it. Here I am showing some of the main reasons.

    Decorate the Page Nicely: Sometimes we have to add different graphics on web pages and in other places. To do it properly you need unique fonts, backgrounds, and colorful icons.

    For the ease of Communication: The web portal uses some icons that are so powerful that they provide different communicating signs on the page display. Eventually, it makes the communication method progressive.

    Easy Method Processing: There is a good number of icons that help one through easy processing from the page click option. Adds Like Call to Action, Flip Box, Price Table, Review Options, Icon List, Icon Box, etc. and make the task easier for you.

    For Security Purposes: Some Elementor icons are used for security purposes. Such icons are necessary because security is more important than accessible things.

    Better User interface and More Improvement: Elementor icons help to improve usability ensuring a better User interface. Such as an indicator icon that will use the indicator after selecting a topic to show the next helpful button. Again there are some helpful buttons that come in help for the audiences too.

    Master Addons Icons Library Manager

    What is Master Addons Elementor Icons Library Manager? You must be thinking about how it involves other elementor icons libraries.

    Master Addons Elementor Icons Library manager is an accumulation of beautifully designed elementor addons packs. These packs include different widgets and elements that offer a creative look for your website.

    It offers 70+ addons & extensions, and 1000+ sections. You will get over 3000+ elementor icons for free. 

    To make this amazing library manager work, all you need is to activate the elementor page builder & Master addons plugin.

    Make sure you have enabled your desired icons library from Master Addons Welcome Page. You will see a new tab called “Icons Library” in Master Addons Welcome Page. Just click on the tabs and enable your desired icons. 

    Font and Elementor icons library in Master Addons

    Make sure you have enabled your desired icon library, then navigate to your Elementor page editor. Insert the icon element or any other element that has icon selection. Here you will see a lot of icons library including Elementor icons and Font Awesome icons. Just take a look at the following gif and you will get it. 

    Elementor Icons Library

    Master Addons will help you to get the following library inside your Elementor Page Editor. 

    1. Elementor Icons 
    2. Simple Line Icons
    3. Ionic Font
    4. Linear Icons
    5. Material Icons

    Iconic Fonts:

    There are over 200+ iconic fonts in Elementor. Iconic font has a vintage vibe, that can be suitable for your webpage. 

    Iconic Font Icons library

    Linear Icons:

    Linear icon refers to a group of high-quality line icons. They harmonize the UI of a website. In Master Addons Elementor Icons Library manager, you will have access to a handful of linear icons. They will help build your page more interactive and make it more user-friendly.

    Linear Icons library for elementor

    Material Icons:

    Material Icons are an advanced form of Linear Icons. They are more interactive and connect with users easily. Elementor supports the availability of material icons on your page. It makes your content freer to speech and clear to deliver the message.

    Marerial Icons library for Elementor

    Simple Line Icons:

    There are over 160+ simple line icons you can use in the elementor page builder. Simple line icons are one type of linear icon. However, they are average to medium in usable quality. With elementor, you can use a variety of simple line icons under the Master Addons library manager.

    Simple Line Icons font library

    That’s all about the Elementor icons library. Get in touch with us, if you face any problem while configuring the icons library.

    Once you begin to use elementor, you will get to enjoy the flexibility it offers as a page builder. And the Master Addons library package just boosts the efficiency of this builder.

    Master Addons Demos


    Animated Headlines
    Dual Heading
    Gradient Headline


    Image Hover Effects
    Image Hotspot
    Filterable Image Gallery
    Image Comparison
    Gallery Slider
    Advanced Image


    Advanced Accordion
    Toggle Content
    Team Member
    Team Slider
    Business Hours
    Pricing Table
    Restrict Content
    Dynamic Table

    Special Elements

    Call to Action
    Progress Bar
    Progress Bars
    Creative Button
    Creative Links
    News Ticker
    Table of Contents
    Current Time
    Domain Search
    Nav Menu
    Counter Up
    Countdown Timer


    Animated Gradient BG
    Reading Progress Bar
    Background Slider
    Custom CSS
    Custom JS
    Container Extras
    Mega Menu
    Entrance Animation
    Display Conditions
    Dynamic Tags
    Floating Effects
    Custom Breakpoints
    Post/Page Duplicator
    Wrapper Link

    Contact Form

    Contact Form 7
    Ninja Form
    WP Forms
    Gravity Forms
    Caldera Forms