Free Instagram Feed WordPress Plugin To Showcase Insta Media

Instagram Feed WordPress Plugin can solve your problem of showcasing insta photos inside your page. Sometimes it’s necessary to preset your Instagram activities with your blog or website visitors. Instagram feed helps some business or blog owners to expand their audience.

Before jumping into the list, I want to explain how you can insert shortcode inside your Theme. I recommend you to work on a child theme instead of the main theme. Otherwise, when you will update your main theme, you will lose the data.

If you want to insert a shortcode inside your Theme code then follow the do_shortcode() function. Just copy the following code edit the shortcode and paste it inside your desired location.

<?php echo do_shortcode('[name_of_shortcode]'); ?>

Instagram Feed WordPress Plugin List

There is a total of 5 plugins listed for now. Each plugin will fullfil your desire to create instagram feed inside your website. Before installing a plugin make sure to read the details properly. It will help you to decide the best one for you.

Free Instagram Feed WordPress Plugin 1

One of the popular Instagram Feed Plugin having 1M+ active installations. There is a lot of limitations in the free version. But if you check the free features then it will blown up your mind. If you are non-tech guy and want to showcase your lovely Instagram feed on your website, then this plugin will be a great choice.

After installing you have to connect your Instagram account. Make sure you have logged into your insta account from your browser. Click on the “Connect an Instagram Account” button from the configure tab. Just follow the steps and do it. You can manually connect your account using your Instagram access token key.

From the customize tab define your feed width, height, background color, column, padding properly. It’s necessary to select all values on your demand to create an eye-catching feed that suits properly on your page. Place [instagram-feed] shortcode anywhere you want to show your feed. Don’t forget to check the “Display your Feed” tab, you will get a lot of different types of shortcodes there.

This is a super lightweight feed plugin. 70k+ happy users are using this plugin for their Instagram feed. It has a Themes option that is only available for pro users. Basic users don’t need this option. You can create a different type of feed and place them in different locations on pages.

From the settings option, you need to connect your Instagram account. You will see advanced options tab there. Define how many minutes should wait for checking new posts. You can reset the cache and type your custom CSS and JS code to customize the layout. Make sure this is for the advanced user if you don’t know on how to write proper CSS and JS then skip it.

From feeds option, you can create a feed and customize it. Name your feed and select the layout Thumbnails or Image Browser. Select users and your desired sort media system. From layout and pagination choose how you want to load new media, select columns and how many image or videos you want to showcase.

Now move to “How To Publish Feed” tab, you will see shortcode, Page or post editor, PHP Code, and Widget system. You can easily put shortcode inside your widget. Or use the PHP code to place the feed inside your Theme file. The easiest way is to use Widget. Navigate to Appreance>widget. You will get “Istagram WD Widget” drag this inside your widget and select the perfect feed.

This plugin got love from 50k+ users. You don’t need any shortcode or PHP code to use this Instagram Widget. It’s a super easy widget for WordPress users. You need to install the plugin from the WordPress plugin repo. This plugin will not create any extra menu inside your dashboard. You need to navigate settings>Instagram Widget from your dashboard.

The unique feature is you can upload a profile picture, add your name, and bio manually for header info. Too many options always make us confused. In this plugin settings, you will not see any extra options.

Now navigate to your widget page from the appreance menu. There is a widget named “Instagram Widget by WPZOOM”, drag that inside your desired area. Insert the title, Number of image, Desired row, Image width, Image Resolution, Image spacing, and your Instagram username. You can display user details, bio, button or hide them on your demand. Some user prefer to hide video thumbnails, this option is available here too. Lastly, the button text, change it whatever you want.

This plugin got love from 70k+ active users. The pro version supports multiple accounts, customized color, popup media, masonry layout. Within the free version you able to customize the grid, spacing for your media files. There is an option to create carousel inside the free version.

You will get the “Social Feed Gallery” option in your dashboard after the plugin activation. You can create multiple feeds for the same account after linking your Insta account. Each time you create a feed it will generate a new shortcode for the feed. The feed shortcode will look like [insta-gallery id=”1″]. You have to place this shortcode inside your page or widget.

I’m disappointed that this awesome plugin doesn’t provide a selecting row option. You have to stick with the Grid or Carousel system. It showcases Instagram image description on hover inside the webpage. If you love to create an instagram carousel for your footer, then I highly recommend this plugin. Also, it fits properly inside the sidebar. Change the button text and color on your demand. A widget called “Social Feed Gallery” will appear inside your widget library, drag that and select the perfect feed for your sidebar.

80k+ people are using this plugin for their feeds. This is not a dedicated Instagram feed only, but it has Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube too. You must link your access token otherwise you can create or customize the feed. After installation and activation, you will get “Feed Them” option in your dashboard menubar. Hover on it and navigate to your desired social media option to connect with access token. You can manually input Instagram ID and Access Token, but if you face a problem then click on the “login and get my access token” button. Follow the steps properly and copy the Instagram ID and Access token code.

Navigate to the settings option and select Instagram feed from the dropdown. This is a shortcode generator. Select your feed Type then input the ID and Access token you just copied. Scroll down and customize gallery columns, space between photos, Instagram icon size. Then generate shortcode.

I am disappointed that you can’t showcase more than 6 photos from your Instagram in the free version. You have to purchase the plugin if you like to add a load more button and want more images. Also, it has photos and videos popup system in the pro version too.

Wrap UP

That’s enough for this Instagram feed plugin collection post. These plugins are best with their customization possibilities. We know that there is always a limitation in free versions. But if you need a very simple grid system Instagram widget then you can work with “Instagram Widget by WPZOOM”. The options are very simple and suitable for your sidebar. Perhaps if you want more dynamic control then you can select other plugins from the list.

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