Restrict Content : Age Checkbox

Restrict Content will help you to lock any portion of your page or post. There are different version of restrict content available.

This is how window load and popup works.

You can customize text, background color, button as you need. So Let’s enjoy. 


Demo Variations

Key Features

Restrict Content for Elementor comes with lots of variations and possibilities

On Page and Popup

You can restrict Content by "On Page" or "Popup Modal".

Exit Button

You can show/hide exit button. We've options for Window Load or Exit Button for Popup Modals.


You can customize every Message, Colors, Texts as your own ones.

20+ Content Restrictions

You can create 20+ variants of Content Restrictions.

Background Variations

You can set Background Color or Background Image as you want.

Any Post Type

Works with any Post type - Posts, Pages, Portfolio, Service, Team etc.

4 type Age Restrictions

4 types of Age Restrictions- Birthday Select, Enter Age, Checkbox, Age Confirm Submit

Fully Responsive

All forms designed as fully responsive. Works well with any Mobile, Tablet or Desktop devices.

Custom Messages

We've Designed Custom Messages for every variations. You'll enjoy full independency.

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