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Display Conditions, Entrance Animation, Gallery Slider – Master Addons Update 1.5.0

Master Addons V 1.5.0 Update

We happily announce that you will get 1 new element and 3 new extensions inside this latest Master Addons Update. The Element is Gallery Slider and Extensions are Display Conditions, Dynamic Tags, Entrance Animation.

After Elementor 3.x .x Update, we noticed some minor problems with our Addon. First, we have fixed those issues and, it’s compatible with Elementor 3.x.x version now.

Let me explain the Element and Extensions now.

Gallery Slider Element

We have filterable Image Gallery Element but, it doesn’t allow you to create a slider with your gallery. Not only you can create a slider but also, can arrange and customize it in multiple ways. Thumb preview system is configured inside the element. Here is a demo screenshot for you.

Gallery Slider Element

Display Conditions For ElementDisplay Conditions Extension for Element

There are different types of conditions like Visitor, Date, Single, Archive. For example inside Visitors category, you can target login status, User role, Operating System, Browsers. If you want to show any element for the logged-in user who used Google Chrome browser then you can do it with Display Conditions easily. It’s just an example. You can create your dynamic event page easily now. Select the date range from display conditions that you like to show. Then select other date range that you like to show when the first date range in over.

Free Dynamic Tags For Elementor

It’s a great feature to showcase your content dynamically inside your page. For example, if you want to showcase logged in user info, current time etc then it will help you. Watch video from our documentation and you will get a clear idea on this.

Entrance Animation For Section

Entrance Animation For Section

You may be familiar with our previous Revel Extension. You can call this extension an extended version of Revel. Here you will get a huge animation list. Select the perfect animation and set duration properly to get an awesome look when people scroll your landing page. Your all sections will appear one by one on scrolling.

Toggle Content Element Fixing:

We have added Toggle Border on Style Tab. It was missing on development. Within this update, we released the border for the toggle.

Animated Gradient: 

Repeater not working for Elementor v3.0 update issue fixed. Now it’s perfect in the updated 1.5.1 version. 

Custom Breakpoints:

There has problem with height issue. We make it updated with native Elementor. It works exactly like default breakpoints now. Section / Columns and all other elements breakpoints support given here. 


That’s all the major changes we have done inside this update. If you want to check more details about our updates, please follow the Changelogs page. If you face problems with any element or extension please message us via our website live chat, Use our Contact Page, Facebook Message. We will hear about your problem and fix it ASAP.

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