How to Convert Visitors into Customers with the Elementor Pricing Table?

All customers are visitors, but all visitors are not genuine customers, especially in web-oriented businesses. To convert every visitor into a potential customer, you need to convince them with a strategic approach, understanding their sentiment. But it seems difficult unless you have traits that can draw the audience’s attention. And nothing can be a better trait than offering affordable pricing tags for your products or services.

That’s why the significance of showcasing an informative pricing table is immense. You can include an insightful pricing table utilizing the most popular WordPress page builder, Elementor- as it features holistic components to present you with a table.

Besides, you can design, customize, and personalize the table as per your business goals, harnessing the power of an innovative plugin called Master Addons. Check our pricing page and download Master Addons.

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    Maser Addons, together with, Elementor can enhance the functionality of the table creation methodology to provide you with extra convenience and outcomes. However, we’re going to discuss how to convert visitors into customers with the Elementor pricing table in detail. We will also talk about the advantages of using Master Addons over other plugins in a succinct but legible way. So stay tuned!

    Elementor pricing tables by Master Addons

    An intuitive, compelling, and stunning pricing table has the ability to generate optimal revenue by pursuing visitors to make a purchase. It can convey to visitors the message of your service offerings, products, and pricing options by incorporating a wide range of fabulous materials. Moreover, it can let you prevail in getting your visitors to buy your products or join your services thanks to the impactful CTA message button.

    You can design the table with informative titles and texts for pricing plans so that your visitors can easily glance at them and never miss out on your offer. In an Elementor pricing table, you can add visually appealing feature lists to display and describe various features of the services or products to make your customers completely convinced. You can customize your pricing plans for any currency, price, and billing period to stimulate visitors to make the right decisions.

    The inclusion of special ribbons on the table can make a remarkable difference in customer acquisition by putting extra emphasis on special plans. The diverse design paradigms can also contribute to conquering the hearts of visitors by ensuring an aesthetic, mind-blowing, and visually appealing table appearance.

    Why Master Addons?

    Elementor has become more vibrant and fulfilled with the innovation of Master Addons. Designing creative, dynamic, and functional websites has become dramatically straightforward thanks to the wide variety of extensions and widgets provided by the Master Addons. To grab the user’s attention and keep them engaged, it offers numerous unique, incredible components, including animated headlines, creative buttons, a gallery slider, dynamic tables, toggle content, progress bars, a blog, a call to action, and so on.

    It comes with an advanced header and footer builder to help you craft professional-grade headers and footers. There is no need to be bound to the pre-built design templates, as it features a custom cascading style sheet to enable you to customize the look of your website. You can create websites compatible with various devices through its intuitive user interface. Integrating captivating visual effects throughout the website will be much easier thanks to its amazing hover effects.

    Among all these materials, it’s loaded with an exclusive pricing table module to allow the users to build progressively customizable tables for displaying pricing plans. Coupled with the Elementor, it can enhance the functionality, flexibility, versatility, and visualization of the tables to a great extent. As a user, you can build a table that speaks for you and your business by applying the combined features and materials of the Elementor and Master Addons.
    There are many more notable benefits to using Master Addons for creating effective pricing tables, including the variation in the design pattern. You can choose a specific pattern among the rounded table, table with BG image, left-aligned content, and skew BG pattern. You can easily customize color, image, button, and text to give the table real life and make it adaptive to your brand. In a word, the Master Addons offer the full package of materials that you require to reach your business goal by creating effective pricing tables.

    How to create engaging pricing tables with Master Addons?

    The exploration process for the Master Addons is finished. Now it’s time to apply it in real life. There are many steps you need to go through to utilize this extraordinary tool. From installing to activating to designing the table, you need to accomplish every step in a precise way. Let’s unravel the secret to harnessing the power of Master Adddons.

    Installing and activating the Master Addons:

    Install and activate the plugin by uploading the file on the website dashboard:

    First, you need to make sure you have downloaded the premium Master Addons on your PC from the official website.

    Download Master Addons from your account

    Go to your website dashboard, navigate through the “Plugins” option, and click on “Add New”. On the new page, you will see the “Upload Plugin” option, which you need to press. Then click on “Choose File” and select the previously downloaded plugin zip file from your device.

    Master Addons Plugin Upload and Install

    As soon as it’s installed, you will discover the activation page where you need to insert the license key if you’re a pro user.

    Active Pro version with license key

    You can also start with the free version if you have not purchased the premium version of the plugin by clicking on the “Activate Free Version” option.

    Master Addons plugin elements

    Designing a pricing table that conveys a message:

    Once you make sure you have both the Elementor and Master Addons installed on your website, now it’s time to take full advantage of the Master Addons by designing an eye-catching pricing, informative table. You will have extensive features and customization options; therefore, you can devise a design plan that reflects your brands and imparts to visitors a substantial message about your products or services.
    While creating the table, you need to consider design consistency, the impulsion of the audience, product values, styling standards, easy-to-read formation, originality, and many more factors to make it compelling. You can start designing from scratch by choosing a particular pattern from numerous options.
    To give the table real life, you can use custom CSS, floating effects, hover effects, position, typography, background colors, and other necessary elements and extensions. Stick to the straightforward steps to design a table with a subtle mix of creativity and usability through innovative Master Addons for Elementor.
    Master Addons plugin extension
    Always log into your website and define the page or create a new page to which you desire to add the pricing table. Simply put the “Pricing Table” widget on the page and click on the “Edit with Elementor” option. In the content section, you have to select the layout style, specify the number of products, and configure the feature box with the appropriate data.
    Then navigate through the style option to customize typography, buttons, text color, background color, border, alignment, padding, spacing, and other elements for the table. You can switch to the advanced option to elevate the design and look of the table to a new height.
    Then navigate through the style option to customize typography, buttons, text color, background color, border, alignment, padding, spacing, and other elements for the table. You can switch to the advanced option to elevate the design and look of the table to a new height.

    Highlighting the key features and benefits:

    In the course of designing the table for displaying pricing plans, the necessity of highlighting the key features and benefits is enormous. By showcasing the holistic features and benefits of different pricing plans, it becomes easier to encourage visitors to think about having the services or products. It also becomes easier to influence the audience to make a sensible purchase without any further hesitation.
    In order to bring the core stuff into the limelight, Master Addons provides countless icons, symbols, pictures, and concrete objects. So you need to integrate them to illustrate the table and draw attention to the important information. For better conversion, you can add patterns, textures, and movements to stimulate the visitor’s brain.

    Call-to-action optimization:

    The benefits of call-to-action buttons are massive. A pricing table can be turned into an advertisement medium by providing a perfect call-to-action button within it. An influential button can invoke visitors to go for a particular plan even if they are somewhat reluctant to get it right now. What makes a call-to-action button perfect? Obviously well-optimization. You need to optimize the button by including clear and appealing text.
    Pricing Table Call to action button
    Besides, you have to make sure of proper button placement and a captivating design paradigm. Building internal links among the buttons can be a productive approach to maximizing your sales. And everything is possible with the classical Master Addons plugin. All you need to do is explore the requisite elements and apply them correctly.

    Mobile responsiveness and user experience:

    Nothing can beat the power of mobile responsiveness and user experience to increase conversion rate. There is no doubt you will acquire the maximum number of visitors from mobile devices. That means you need to design a pricing table in such a way that it is clearly visible on a mobile device. While creating the table, you have to make sure it adjusts to the mobile viewports as well as the PC.
    Ensuring maximum user experience should be your core priority to keep your visitors engaged on your website. User-friendly layout, interactive navigation, and fluid functionality must be integrated into the pricing tables to satisfy your audiences. As Master Addons comes with all the elements to confirm optimal user experience and compatibility across devices, there is nothing to worry about. You just need to utilize the components properly to grow your business and enhance your revenue.

    Tips for leveraging pricing tables to convert visitors into customers:

    What if you don’t find the prospective outcome in your professional-grade pricing tables? It’s not unusual at all. You may not get the response you deserve even after placing a compelling and informative table for pricing plans. Of course, there are some imperfections that need to be corrected. Moreover, you have to comply with some tactics to obtain the maximum number of customers. Here are the tips:

    Placement and visibility:

    Only creating a perfect table won’t do. The right placement and visibility are also essential to grab the visitor’s attention. You have to locate the table in a place where it is visible to everyone. Most of us make blunders by placing the table in the corner or bottom of the web page. It gets displayed but can’t bear fruit. Hence, it’s important to make a strategic placement at the top and center of the web page to ensure optimal visibility.

    Building trust and addressing concerns:

    Obtaining customers’ trust is the core purpose of a business. To survive in a competitive market, you have to build a healthy relationship with your potential customers, expressing everything that the customer may want to know before making a purchase. It’s also recommended to explain the concerns regarding your services or products to them to help them realize whether they should invest in them. In a word, you need to be righteous and steadfast in your legal business policies.

    Clear and transparent pricing:

    To gain optimal trust, reliance, and response from the customers, you must add clear and transparent pricing. The pricing range of your products or services should be reasonable and in compliance with market demand. Every piece of information should be accurate and credible. Having authenticity in the pricing plans is a must to convert every visitor into a customer.

    Optimizing conversion elements:

    There are some abstract elements that can contribute to increasing the conversion rate. The elements can be social proof, credibility, guarantees, discounts, and tempting offers. You must be mindful enough when optimizing those elements, as they can boost your conversion rate. With a view to inciting visitors to make a purchase, you can follow additional techniques by thinking beyond the conventional norms.

    A/B testing and iteration:

    You need to encourage visitors to carry out A/B testing and iterative improvements to ensure optimal engagement. Through this method, users can justify the variants and differences of your pricing plans, call-to-action buttons, and offers. Frequent A/B testing and iteration not only make the visitors judgmental but also inspire them to make a solid purchase. These also reduce the bounce rate, minimize the risks, ensure engagement, and increase the conversion rate.

    Real-life examples and case studies:

    Master Addons has a huge fanbase around the world. A substantial number of websites available today use it as their first priority. By creating impressive, informative pricing tables with this plugin, most websites have flourished. Apart from individuals, renowned companies are also approaching the plugin to enrich their success stories. According to the developers’ report, Master Addons has been sold in record time compared to other similar plugins.
    It has been helping companies and individuals convert huge visitors into customers through its powerful elements, extensions, and functionalities. Both free and premium versions can empower tech-savvy individuals to create creative-looking pricing tables and websites. But it’s undeniable that successful implementation and the right strategies are aiding them in unlocking optimum opportunities by levering the Master Addons.


    Having an engaging, interactive, and ideal pricing table in a web-based business is inevitable. Customers can determine if the services or products are affordable for them by looking at the table. Moreover, they can realize how impactful the services or products will be on the basis of the price scale. Even sometimes, a price tag can compel them to make a purchase even if they are not in need of it right now. But the table must be optimized, manageable, and enticing.
    The importance of creating a pricing table with Master Addons is no longer vague to you, as we’ve already described the value, benefits, and power of them. You have also gained a consolidated understanding of the features, functionalities, and effectiveness of the plguin. In the meantime, you have been familiar with the strategies for how to convert visitors into customers with the Elementor pricing table. Now it’s your turn to apply them to yield a sublime outcome.

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