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Elementor Coming Soon Page In WordPress Customization

elementor coming soon page

You will be happy to hear that if you are Elementor user then it’s easy to create coming soon page. Just follow a few steps to create elementor coming soon page and you can customize it on your way. Very basic WordPress & Elementor knowledge is necessary to customize coming soon or maintenance mode page.

Most users prefer to use an awesome background image for coming soon page. The content, Title, Social Media, Newsletter, Count down timer depends on your choice.

I will show you how to configure coming soon and arrange the element properly here. Make sure to check the post step by step to get a clear idea. 

First, select your background image. You can download images from any stock photo website like Unsplash, Pexels, etc. I am going to use this image from Unsplash. Landscape images will suit perfectly in your website. 

You can watch the following video if you don’t prefer to go through the content step by step. 

Create a Page and named it Coming Soon or anything you prefer. Edit this page with elementor and select “Page Layout” as “Elementor Canvas”. This page layout will hide your header and footer. That’s all about Coming soon page configuration.

Elementor Canvas Page Template

Customize Elementor Coming soon Page

Add a new section, make it full width, & fit to screen. Take a look at the following screenshot and do the settings exactly like this. It will make your section full screen.

Full width with Fit to Screen Height

Now navigate to style. Choose the classic background type. Upload your background image, or if you don’t like to use any image – just set a background color. 

Background Color instead of image

After uploading a background image, set position “center center”, Repeat “no repeat”, Size “cover”. Just like the following screenshot. It will cover your full image inside the screen. You can add an overlay for the background so that the text and icon visible clearly.

Background image value

Title and description are necessary to create a coming soon page. Let’s insert a Heading and Text editor element. Then customize the color and typography. Make sure to set different font size or other values for responsive. It will make your coming soon page attractive on different device. 

Title and Description For Coming soon page

Let’s add a count down timer here. If you already have installed Master Addons plugin then you will see count down timer element. Just drag this element under content area.

Elementor coming soon page countdown timer

Customize the count down as you need. Under the countdown, you can place some social media links and an email subscriber option. You will see the social media element in the General element collection.

Social Media Links for Coming Soon Page

How to Activate Elementor Coming soon page? 

Navigate to Settings> Reading. You will see “Your Homepage Displays” option. Select “A Static Page” then select the coming soon page as homepage and update. By doing this, your coming soon will be displayed in your front page. No one able to see other pages. 

Coming Soon Page Setting

That’s all about creating elementor coming soon page. Let me know if you face any problem while creating a coming soon or maintenance mode page. Feel free to comment here to get in touch via the contact form. 

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