Custom Breakpoints

Custom Breakpoints for Elementor extension will help you to add more breakpoints inside your editor. You can target any minimum width - maximum width and do responsive.

By default, Elementor offers 3 breakpoints. But it’s not enough for make your website fully responsive. It’s necessary to extend breakpoints for fully responsive on device specific. “Custom Elementor Breakpoints” is the only Solution for you !!


Take a look at the following content and gif file. You will understand how to work with Custom Elementor Breakpoints. 

Custom Breakpoint for Elementor

In this gif animation, you are seeing how it work on a specific device. Before making a perfect responsive page, you just need to input your desired device breakpoint value. Then you can select the device and do responsiveness for that exact device.

Breakpoint for Elementor

Create Fully Responsive website

Make your website fully responsive for any Device.

You can do responsive for any section, column, elements. For responsive you can increase or decrease font size, change font alignment, change section and column width, etc. There are different type of responsive control for different element. So do it on a proper way and create awesome responsive page. 

Create Unlimited Breakpoints

There is no limitation to add breakpoints. Just click on add new button and configure your breakpoint. Just make sure to add your devices values properly in the fields. 

Add unlimited Breakpoints
import and export settings

Export, Import & Reset

Imagine you have arranged breakpoint nicely in a website, and want to add breakpoints in another website. Adding these manually is just a waste of time. That’s why we have an import and export system here.

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