8 Best WordPress Dark Mode Plugins for 2024

If you want to give a dazzling and impressive look to your site, then the Best WordPress Dark Mode Plugins have you covered. Follow this WordPress Dark Mode post to learn how and why Dark Mode is necessary.

Yes, light themes are eye-catchy and elegant in style, but, choosing the light themes always might not be a good option. Ask me why?

Sometimes, a dark theme is the best option if you think about your eye health, product type, your brand, and the site’s theme. Most importantly, the dark plugins can lessen eye strain in low-light situations such as nighttime or at dimmer workplaces. Don’t forget to check some realistic demos if you want to customize your webpages with some outstanding elements. 

The right choice of the dark WordPress theme will help you to build a powerful and spectacular website. But it is never easy to choose the best WordPress dark mode plugin maintaining a balance between design and its usefulness.

So, today we have selected some of the very 8 Best WordPress Dark Mode Plugins for 2024 that have attractive features and are also capable of providing a thrilling experience in your web building.

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    Best WordPress Dark Mode Plugins

    Let’s explore the world of dark mode plugins for WordPress. These plugins are packed with features and are ready to use.

    First, I want to make sure you understand why dark mode plugins are important for WordPress. Have you ever thought about it? They can change the look of your site and make it easier on the eyes.

    Before we dive into the options, let’s talk about the WP Adminify plugin. It’s not just a dark mode plugin. It comes with over 20 different tools. These tools can help you manage your WordPress Dashboard better.

    So, if you’re looking for a way to switch to dark mode and get more tools for your dashboard, WP Adminify is worth checking out.

    WP Adminify - Dashbaord customizer plugin

    Are you searching for a dark mode plugin to create a splendid dark version for your WordPress website? If you are, then here is WP Dark Mode for you.

    The plugin works automatically without any complex settings. Great thing is, it can work with all essential operating systems such as Android, iOS, macOS, or Windows 10. You don’t need tons of settings to set up the plugin.

    WP Adminify has 18 modules and it would be impossible to go over every one of them in detail. One of the most important module is Dark Mode. You can configure your Dashboard in either light or dark mode. You can toggle between the two modes with just a click. Also can set dark mode on schedule based or your system preferences. Change the boring old look of your dashboard with the dark mode that’s compatible with 50+ plugins including WooCommerce, Yoast, Rank Math and more.

    WP Adminify Features:

    • Quick Dark Mode switcher
    • System Dark Mode
    • Schedule Dark Mode
    • 50+ plugins Dark Mode support
    • WooCommerce support
    • Different Logo for light / dark mode
    • Start and End Time for Schedule

    Darkluplite - WP Dark Mode

    Best WordPress Dark Mode Plugins

    For creating an elegant dark mode website, you must check out Darkluplite – WP Dark Mode. It eminently adjusts with your WordPress website to give proper design with a dark color scheme according to your user’s preference. The plugin helps users to turn ON or OFF the dark mode enable option while viewing your website.

    This plugin gives the user a smooth experience. Another notable fact that this plugin is supported by almost all major operating systems.

    Adding dark mode to your website is not a very difficult process. You only need to activate the theme and relish all the facilities that the WP Dark Mode plugin provides to you and your users.

    WordPress Dark Mode Plugin Free Features:

    • Dark mode Elementor widget
    • Dark mode visual composer widget
    • OS-based color mode
    • 2+ Exclusive color preset and switch styles

    WP Dark Mode

    WP Dark Mode

    The plugin intelligently detects device preferences and actively provides a self-made, expert-designed dark mode experience for your readers. Plus, it comes with a floating switch button. So, you can display a dark mode floating switch button in the footer of the website. All you need to do is activate the dark mode and browse the website to experience an incredibly modified dark mode of your website.

    WP Dark mode features:

    • Preset Default Mode
    • Compatible with several themes
    • Available in the Backend admin page
    • 5 Presets Color Schema in pro version (11 for ultimate)
    • Dark mode Switch Widget pro

    Dark Mode for WP Dashboard

    Dark Mode for WP Dashboard

    A wonderful solution for webmasters who need a quick and effective platform for developing and maintaining sophisticated online shop websites.

    Dark mode WP Dashboard is a multi-purpose WordPress WooCommerce website plugin that is dynamic and developer-friendly. It helps to add a smooth dark mode to the default WordPress dashboard interface.

    This plugin works with a classy WordPress theme that meets the creativity requirements of websites. It is a theme fit for a creator.

    As a WP developer, you must want better SEO. Fortunately, this dark mode plugin offers you Yoast SEO. Again, it is officially supported by jetpack and nested pages.

    Dark Mode for WP Dashboard Free plugin features:

    • Special WooCommerce support
    • Authentic dark mode
    • Yoast SEO Competable 
    • Developer-friendly
    • Multi-purpose
    Blackout Dark Mode Widget

    If you are exceptionally interested in creating a dark website, don’t miss checking out the Blackout: Dark Mode Widget. It is a simple solution to allow your users to enable or disable dark mode on your website.

    This wonderful and trendy WordPress plugin offers you a sophisticated dark theme that you can put into play out of the box. It helps users to control dark mode on the website by creating a widget that can be used to toggle between normal and dark modes.

    Wide ranges of web developers can instantly develop their project websites with this understated yet powerful plugin.

    What’s more, this plugin has some useful features. So, your user can truly admire your website without distractions. Now, let’s know some exciting features of the plugin.

    Blackout: Dark Mode Widget Free Features:

    • CSS mix-blend-mode
    • Standalone version
    • Simple to use
    • Instantly develop your project

    Night Mode for WordPress

    Night Mode for WordPress

    Night Mode for WordPress is an amazingly creative, flexible, easy to use, fast with zero delay activation plugin for WordPress.

    The night mode plugin helps to enable night mode and increase or decrease the brightness of your website. Developers can easily add a night mode filter to the whole website and fix it to improve the readability of text, pictures, and other components.

    Night Mode reduces eye strain by dimming the light. With this plugin, users can adjust the font size to medium(default), large, extra-large. It helps visitors to reduce eye strain, dry eye and prevents retinal damage.

    Another interesting feature of this plugin is, it improves the battery life of the devices as well as keeps the devices cooler. This is such a great option for the users to enhance and spend more time on your site. That is why viewers will enjoy a strong ally in this dark theme.

    Night mode for WordPress is compatible with all major modern browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, Edge.

    Features of Night Mode for WordPress:

    • Custom Menu Select Option
    • Elegant Night Mode Kit
    • Custom CSS option
    • Import/Export Settings
    • Keeps device cooler

    WP Night Mode

    WP Night Mode

    WP Night mode is another resourceful and responsive Dark Mode Plugin. This plugin will be an excellent pick for you in creating stylish blog sites. The plugin has useful and convenient features for handling.

    With this plugin, you can enable your users to switch between Night Mode and light mode easily to improve the readability of text, images, and videos. It’s dark theme undoubtedly provides a beautiful contrast to your photos and videos.

    Reading website content at night time can be tough. Using WP Night Mode plugin, you can help your audiences read more articles, spend more time on your site and reduce their eye strain. It gives your users advanced focus and a better navigational experience.

    Features of WP Night Mode:

    • Dark mode Elementor Widget
    • Dark mode Gutenberg Widget
    • OS-based color mode
    • Flexible
    • Beautiful contrast

    Dark Mode Lite

    Dark Mode Lite

    If you are looking for a simple plugin with powerful and trendy functionality, the Dark Mode Lite can be a great option then. It comes with the latest trend of Web Design. Some popular WordPress plugins have their own dark mode system. But maximum WordPress themes don’t have this feature by default. 

    No matter which WordPress theme free or paid you are using, Dark Mode Lite tries to understand it and make things eye-pleasing. It is perfect for forging impactful websites. The plugin is minimal, clean, and it ensures a great experience in building up your site. 

    Instead of going the traditional way, you may go with Dark Mode Light and make an immediate difference. The outcome will be nothing but inspiring. With this plugin, a developer can also add dark mode in WordPress Admin Panel.

    Features of Dark Mode Lite:

    • Default Mode for new visitors
    • Support Woocommerce Themes
    • Supported on all popular browsers
    • Lightweight and doesn’t affect your site’s performance

    Wrapping Up!

    Dark Mode plugins have become very popular in modern days. The plugins make the content on your screen stand out. As the screen is kept dark, it reduces the reader’s eye strain by minimizing flickering and the emission of dangerous blue light.

    So, you should be careful while choosing the best WordPress dark mode plugin for using on your site. Today, we have presented you with the 7 Best WordPress Dark Mode Plugins for 2021. Hopefully, you have made your choice already.

    With these, you can help your user spend more time by providing an eye-pleasing user experience.

    Thanks for reading the blog!

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