Active Pro version

There are two ways you can purchase and active pro version.

  • One is from your Website Dashboard
  • Another is from our official Website

Let me explain both ways here.

Purchase and Active Master Addons Pro From Website Dashboard

I hope you have checked how to install and activate Master Addons plugin in your WordPress Website. In this docs, I am going to show you how to upgrade your license from free to pro. You can do it from your Website Dashboard.

1. Log in to your Website Dashboard. Navigate to “Master Addons” => “Upgrade” option.

Master Addons Upgrade Pricing Table

2. Select your plan and click on “Upgrade Now“. Insert your email address, First Name, and Last Name. Then select a payment method. You can use PayPal instead of Visa, Mastercard, American Express too.

Master Addons Final Upgrade Step

3. You have successfully upgrade Master Addons. No need to copy-paste any license key, if you follow this method. You are able to see your account info inside Master Addons options panel. You can change your Plan anytime from your Account option panel.

Master Addons Account Panel

Buy License Key From our Website and it’s Activation

If you have bought “Master Addons” license key from our official website then you should follow the following steps to configure it.

If you don’t know how to buy license key from our website then just visit Master Addons Pricing Page and select your desired plan then make a payment. Our system will send you an email where you will get your email address, password, and License key. Take a look at the following image.

Your Master Addons for Elementor license key and download link

First, login to your Website Dashboard. Navigate to plugins => Installed Plugins. Search for Master Addons for Elementor plugin. You will see an “Active License” button. Click on it. A new popup will appear where you need to paste your license key. Then click on “Agree and Activate License” button.

Master Addons License Activation From Installed Plugin list

If you have pasted the perfect License key then the system will redirect you to your account page within a few seconds (2 sec – 10 sec). And your account page looks the same as the previous one. Again take a look at the following screenshot.

Master Addons Account Panel

This is how you can purchase and configure Master Addon Pro Plugin in your Website.